Creating Production Orders with Labor and Additional Costs

TradeGecko for Manufacturing is currently in Beta.

Production Order - refers to an order issued by a company to produce a specific quantity of a product at a specific time frame.

You can access production orders by going to the Manufacturing tab then Production Orders. From here, you can create new production orders or view existing ones. Production Orders can have the following status based on the current production stage: Draft, Finalized, In Production, and Completed.

You can only create Production Orders for a variant if the Bill of Materials has already been set up. 


Creating Production Order

1. From the Production Order index page, click “New Production Order”. From the drop-down, select the finished variant.


2. TradeGecko will load the previously created Bill of Materials for the variant.


3. Add the quantity you want to produce and set the due date on your Production Order. The quantity of the components and cost will be calculated depending on the number of units you wish to produce. Set the location, assignee and add a reference number to your Production Order.


4. If you have other costs such as shipping fees, you can add it to the “Other Costs” section. If all information has been added click “Save” to create the Product Order in Draft status. You can make changes to the Production Order for as long as it is in Draft status.


5. Check all the information on your Production Order, if all the details have been added, click on “Finalize Order”. Finalizing your Production Order will commit the component stock for production.

Canceling or Stopping a Production Order.

Cancel Production Order

A Production Order can be canceled if it is in Draft or Finalized status. This simply means that you will not push through with the production. Once the Production Order is canceled, you will no longer be able to revert it. If you wish to reactivate a canceled Production Order, you will have to clone it. All committed stock on a canceled Production Order will be returned to your inventory as Available stock.

Stop Production Order

If you have already started production and wish to discontinue, you may click on Stop Production. When stopping a Production Order, you will have the option of putting the committed component stock to either "Wastage" or "Unconsumed". Put the component quantity to "Unconsumed" if you wish to return it to your inventory as Available stock. The Production Order will be marked as Completed once you have stopped a Production Order.  

You have now completed creating your Production Order!

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