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Before you start the installation process:

  • Lazada Integration is a beta feature at the moment. You can become a beta user by enrolling yourself into our beta testing program by clicking here. If you wish to opt out of the program at any point, simply uninstall the Lazada app.
  • The integration supports order sync from Lazada to TradeGecko. Before 21 November 2018, contacts & addresses synced from Lazada will not be fully showed for security review by Lazada.
  • Product update sync from TradeGecko to Lazada will be available after 21 November.
  • Make sure all your products have unique SKUs. This is important to help you track your stock and sell across multiple channels.
  • If you install product update sync, make sure your Lazada store reflects the total amount across all your locations before integrating.

How Lazada Syncs with TradeGecko

  • Lazada orders will be synced to Tradegecko as Finalized Sales Orders.
  • For non-FBL products, creating or Updating Products & Variants will sync both ways using SKU. Fulfilling orders can be done on TradeGecko or Lazada (Available from 19 November 2018 onwards)
  • Managing Stock Levels and deleting Products and Variants should only be done on TradeGecko. (Available from 21 November 2018 onwards)
  • Product Categories will not be synced at the moment

Installation steps

Step 1: Lazada is only available for a few selected merchants at this moment. If you don't see the app and want to try it, let us know here.

For merchants with access to Lazada, in your App Store, click on Install Lazada


Step 2: Authorise Lazada app from TradeGecko to access to your Lazada store data


Step 3: Select your store’s country and enter the store information


Step 4: Select your primary stock location in TradeGecko for Lazada products. This will be the location where TradeGecko calculates the stock levels and update back to Lazada.


Step 5: Select options to sync orders & status updates from Lazada to TradeGecko.


After 19 November, you will have the feature to customize product update from TradeGecko to Lazada. Sign up for early access here.

Step 6: Review the settings of your Lazada integration in TradeGecko My App section


Where to get help

Send us a message at if you need urgent help. Let us your feedback if you see something that isn’t working.

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