Setting up a Manufactured Product

With the introduction of the manufacturing process, we now have two types of products in TradeGecko; Manufactured Products and Purchased Products.

Manufactured Product - refers to the finished product that you have created through TradeGecko’s manufacturing functionality. Manufactured products can only contain manufactured variants.

Purchased Product - refers to products that you buy from your Suppliers instead of manufacturing through TradeGecko. Just as with manufactured products, purchased products can only contain purchased variants.

You will see which products are manufactured from the Inventory tab’s “Manufactured column”. You can display this by clicking on the cogwheel then select Manufactured.


Creating a Manufactured Product

To create a Manufactured Product, go to the Inventory tab, click on the “Create New” button and select “New Manufactured Product”.


1. Fill in the details of the product


2. Set up the initial values of the product


Setting Initial Values:

  • Enable “Manage Stock Levels” in order to track the inventory levels of the finished product. Once you have enabled this option, ensure that the Initial Stock on Hand is not left blank. You can put “0” if you do not have initial stock. Your Initial Stock on Hand and Initial Cost are important in calculating your Moving Average Cost needed in accounting.
  • Put in the Wholesale and Retail Price.
  • Select the Initial Stock Location.
If you have put in “0” on the Initial Stock on Hand and left the Initial Cost blank, TradeGecko will generate the initial cost based on the cost of the first production run of the product. If your initial stock is greater than 0, you will be required to add an initial cost greater than 0.

3. Set up product variation


  • Enable the option “This product has multiple variants” if the manufactured product has multiple variations. You may uncheck this option if the product only contains a single variant.
  • Click “Proceed to Summary” once you have added all the details.

4. Product Summary


The Product Summary page will display information about the variants that can be created under the Manufactured Product. You will be able to bulk set the Prices, Initial Cost, Initial Stock, Weight, and Sellable option. You can only add Wholesale and Retail prices on the variant, Buy Price is not applicable since the variants are manufactured. Once all the information has been added, click “Create Product”.

You can view all the variants under the Manufactured Product by going to the variants tab. You will also have other options such as editing, cloning, arranging the position of your variants or publishing them to your sales channels.


Great work! You have successfully created a Manufactured product and variants!

For more Manufacturing related articles, click here. Got a feedback about TradeGecko for Manufacturing? Let us know!

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.
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