Rocketspark Integration sync details

Below is a detailed overview of how the sync between TradeGecko and Rocketspark works. If you haven't yet seen our guide on how to connect to TradeGecko this covers the basics for getting connected and is the recommended starting point.

  • The product sync is one-way TradeGecko -> Rocketspark sync.
  • New products created at TradeGecko are also created at Rocketspark.
  • All products that are synced will get updated every hour.
  • A forced sync can be requested from the Rocketspark edit product pages.
  • Orders are pushed from Rocketspark to TradeGecko and paid / shipped status is synced.



Action @ TradeGecko

Action @ Rocketspark

Create product

Product will be pushed to Rocketspark and will continue to be synced.

Product won't be pushed to TradeGecko and will only exists on Rocketspark.

Delete product

Product on Rocketspark will still exists.

Product at TradeGecko will still exist.

Create variant

Variant will be added to the corresponding Rocketspark product.

Not available, unless Rocketspark only product.

Delete variant

Updates at Rocketspark on the next sync.

Not available, unless Rocketspark only product.

Create attribute

Updates at Rocketspark on the next sync.

Not available, unless Rocketspark only product.

Delete attribute

Updates at Rocketspark on the next sync.

Not available, unless Rocketspark only product.

Create Order


Pushes to TradeGecko in moments.

Mark order as Finalized/Paid

Updates at Rocketspark in moments.

Updates at TradeGecko in moments.

Mark order as UnPaid


Does not update the paid status in TradeGecko

Mark order as Fulfilled/Shipped

Updates at Rocketspark in moments, pulls through Courier tracking number, company and tracking URL.

Only updates on Rocketspark.

Mark order as Not Shipped


Only updates on Rocketspark

Product Import

The product import uses TradeGeckoIDs to maintain sync with Rocketspark. When a product is created from the import process these IDs are captured in Rocketspark. For future updates/imports we don't delete products in Rocketspark but lookup based on these ids and update the products that already exist and match based on these IDs.

During an import or sync if we can't match a product based on the TradeGeckoIDs, we will attempt to find the matching product based on the SKU code. The SKU code must be unique in Rocketspark for this to work. This is a way to link an existing Rocketspark store with TradeGecko. As long as each variant has unique SKU code and these match the SKU codes in TradeGecko the products will automatically get linked on the initial import.

Failure to find an existing product in Rocketspark during the import will cause a new product to be created in Rocketspark.

Stock location and Price list options will default to the account defaults if not set in Dashboard.

Setting a sync from tag preference affects all future updates/creates. Any existing products outside of this tag will remain on Rocketspark.


Product Stock sync

By default all products are For Sale if they have positive stock levels and will be marked as hidden on Rocketspark if they sell out or all variants are out of stock.

If you set the Maximum Online Stock field in TradeGecko we will not let the stock levels in Rocketspark exceed this setting for that variant.

If you have chosen to not Manage Stock on the TradeGecko product we'll create a product set to Continue Selling mode, which means it will continue to sell in to negative stock levels in Rocketspark indefinitely. The initial stock level imported would be zero.

If you choose to Keep Selling past 0 for one of the product variants, then the entire product (all variants) in Rocketspark will sell in to negative. As the products status will be set to Continue Selling. 

Pushing Orders to TradeGecko

Orders are automatically pushed to TradeGecko as part of the checkout process.

Companies, we try to find an existing company based on email address and use this against the order, we do not update the company details on each order. Shipping Address and Billing Address details are pushed with each order.

Taxes, If a Tax type was not set for the shipping country, we default to the default tax type on your account.
Some products can be tax free, no tax will be set when pushing these product lines to TradeGecko.
If none of the items in the cart have tax then no tax is charged on Shipping.

Product lines, If the order contains a product/variant that doesn't exist in TradeGecko we push these product lines as freeform. So they will still appear in your TradeGecko order history.
Coupons / Promotions and Shipping are also added as freeform order lines. 

Checkout checks to reduce oversell risk

When you enter the checkout the system detects if a product in the cart is a TradeGecko product, if we haven't had a stock update in the last 5 mins we start a background task to re-sync the product.

At the final payment gateway selector step of the checkout if any TradeGecko products become out of date (older than 5 mins) we request an on-demand update before allowing the customer to checkout. This helps guarantee we don't oversell products that are in stale carts, or stock was sold via other channels. If the product is no longer in stock it will be removed from the basket and an appropriate warning is displayed to the customer.

Multiple Websites connected to a single TradeGecko account.

It's possible to have multiple websites connected to the same TradeGecko account. The only requirement is that they must exist on the same Rocketspark location. e.g. NZ, AU or UK.

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