Shopify Multi-Location Migration

Shopify Multi-Location is a new feature on Shopify that allows you to set up multiple locations in your Shopify store, so that you can track inventory levels and fulfill orders for each location.

For more details on how the Shopify Multi-Location feature works, check out the Shopify guide here.

In this guide:

  • Convert to multiple locations in Shopify
  • Setup multi location settings in TradeGecko
  • Understand the effect of Locations settings for Order & Stock Level Update
  • Understand how fulfillments work in TradeGecko for Order Routing 

1.Convert to multiple locations in Shopify

Before you decide to convert your Shopify store to have Multi-Location enabled, please ensure to check if it’s best suitable for your store. Converting your store to track inventory levels across multiple locations cannot be undone - after you convert, you cannot revet to having a single inventory quantity (stock level) for multiple locations.

If you decide to convert, please follow the steps in this Shopify guide, in the mentioned order. It would be best to perform the conversion when your retail stores are closed to minimize any sales disruptions.

2. Setup multi location settings in TradeGecko

Once you’ve enabled the Multi-Location feature in Shopify, you can set up stock level update for each location in TradeGecko.

  • Log into your TradeGecko as the Account Owner/Primary Contact
  • Go to My Apps > Shopify > Locations
  • Map Locations for Order & Stock Level update between Shopify & TradeGecko
  • Click on Save Changes to enable the settings

3. Understand the effect of Locations settings for Order & Stock Level Update

3.1 Order Sync from Shopify to TradeGecko

After you’ve assigned the order location between Shopify & Tradegecko, when orders are imported from Shopify, the orders will be assigned to your selected stock location.

For example, in the screenshot below, Sales Orders from the Marina Bay location in Shopify will be assigned to the Bugis Street location in TradeGecko. This means, when you have a Sale Orders placed at Marina Bay in Shopify, the “Ship From” Location of the Sale Order in TradeGecko will be Bugis Street.


3.2 Stock Level update from TradeGecko to Shopify

Stock Level Updates for each Location in TradeGecko will only take place for Locations that have the Multi Location feature enabled in Shopify.

In the Sync Range, you can select the locations for Stock Level Sync from TradeGecko to Shopify. TradeGecko will sum the stock levels across all selected Locations and sync the total number back to the respective Shopify Location.

For example, in the screenshot below, for the Marina Bay location in Shopify, stock levels will be synced from the Shopify Warehouse, Bugis Street & Downtown Abbey locations in TradeGecko. This means, when you have a T-shirt stocked at Marina Bay in Shopify, the T-shirt stock levels in Shopify for Marina Bay Location (Shopify Location) will be the sum of stock levels at the Shopify Warehouse, Bugis Street & Downtown Abbey locations in TradeGecko.


4. How Fulfillments work in TradeGecko for Order Routing

If you enable the multi location feature in Shopify, you can fulfill your orders based on the location of your inventory. You can also set the priority of the fulfillment for each location in Shopify. To see how to set up fulfillment priority in Shopify, check out this guide here.

Once you’ve set up the location priority, please ensure the location settings in step 3 are fully completed. TradeGecko will then import the orders & create shipments based on your location Settings in step 3 and Fulfilment Location Priority in Shopify.

For example, in the Shopify Store below, the Fulfillment Location Priority is set to Telok & Bugis Street.


When an order is placed for 2 products: Philip Multi Location & Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Shopify will assign the fulfillment location for each of the product based on their stock level status at Telok & Bugis Street.

In this case, as the product Philip Multi Location is available at the Telok location, and the product Short Sleeve T-Shirt is available at the Bugis Street location, Shopify will split the fulfillment into 2 locations specifically. To understand how Shopify split the order fulfillment, please see this guide.


Once TradeGecko imports the order, the Order's shipments will be split into 2 shipments: one for the product Philip Multi Location & one for the product Short Sleeve T-shirt.


The Ship From Location in each Shipment will be set to the Locations that are mapped in TradeGecko Location Settings (for Order Assignment in Step 2).


Shopify Location

TradeGecko locations for Order Assignment

Telok (Primary Location)


Bugis Street

Bugis street


This means for each Product shipment of the same order, based on our example, Short Sleeve T-Shirt’s Ship From Location is Bugis Street and Philip Multi Location’s Ship From Location is Telok. Stock Levels for the Short Sleeve T-Shirt at Bugis Street Location will be deducted by the quantity on the order - Same goes for Philip Multi Location.

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