Syncing Partially Packed items to Shipstation

You can now send partially packed line items to Shipstation. This is helpful when creating partial shipments and would like to assign different shipments to different warehouses.

Step 1. Follow the instructions on our ShipStation- Integration Setup Guide.

Initiate the integration process. When you reach the page where you are given the username, password and custom URL, select Advanced mode then Fulfillments

To give an idea about the difference between these options:

Basic mode: this is the default setting. (TradeGecko provides a feed of Finalised, Fulfilled, Deleted & Voided orders to Shipstation).
Advance mode: contains additional toggle to customize the way we sync information to Shipstation.

Using Advanced mode, you will be able to select whether to sync orders coming from a specific warehouse location or all warehouses under the “Select Stock Locations” section. You can also select what level of information to sync under “What data level to sync” option.

Orders (Default) - this means that we will be syncing the entire order to Shipstation.
Fulfillments (Beta) - this means that we will only sync the “Packed” line item to Shipstation. This is helpful if you do partial shipments.

Keep this page open as you will need the information found here later on.

Fulfillment option is still in Beta, in case you encounter any challenges feel free to contact support for assistance.

Step 2. Copy the username, password, and URL that was provided in TradeGecko Shipstation Integration page.

When you reach the page where Shipstation asks for the username, password, and URL, copy the information provided by TradeGecko. Make sure that you have selected "Fulfillments" before copying the information to ensure that the right custom URL is generated. 



You may click on Test Connection to see if the details have been copied correctly and that the communication between Shipstation and TradeGecko works.

Now that the integration has been set up, you can create partial orders in TradeGecko. When partially packing your items, only the packed item will sync to Shipstation and not the entire order.


Great work! You have now configured your Shipstation to sync partially packed line items. To know more about our Shipstation integration, refer to this helpful article.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.
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