Zapier Integration Setup Guide

Zapier allows you to connect TradeGecko with other web services in order to create automated workflows to simplify and empower your business processes.

Using Zapier you're able to connect TradeGecko with software platforms such as Shopify, Slack, and Google Sheets. Plus many many more!

You can see a list of our suggested Zapier integrations here.

For the purposes of this article we'll guide you through automating a process with MailChimp so when a new contact is created on TradeGecko, Zapier will automate a workflow that adds the contact email address to a specified MailChimp list. Handy eh!

Connecting TradeGecko with Zapier

Let's get started!

To connect your TradeGecko account to Zapier, navigate to the TradeGecko App store by clicking the Browse Apps option in the lower left side, scroll down to the Zapier app and click to view the app's detail screen. 


When you're ready to proceed, click the Install Zapier option.

You'll be directed to Zapier where you'll need to log in to your account. Once done, click the Integrations option from the top menu choices.

The integrations page features a searchable directory of all the services that Zapier is able to communicate with. To start, use the search tool to locate TradeGecko.

After clicking the TradeGecko option a list of popular, preconfigured Zaps (automated workflows) will be displayed.

Using these options you can connect TradeGecko with multiple software services to quickly begin automating processes without the need to manually create your own Zaps.



From the Popular Zaps for TradeGecko area we'll select the Subscribe new TradeGecko contacts to a MailChimp list option to start building the Zap.

You'll be forwarded to the Zap's template page which is used to guide you through the process of selecting a TradeGecko trigger and a MailChimp action.

For this example, you'll need an active TradeGecko and MailChimp account.

Click Create this Zap.


Zaps are constructed of multiple triggers and actions. This example uses TradeGecko trigger; when a new contact is created, to trigger an action in MailChimp. Click continue to progress through the setup.


During the next step, you'll need either connect your TradeGecko account or select from your pre-existing connected accounts.


To ensure everything is OK with the TradeGecko <> Zapier connection, a test will be performed to ensure data can be pulled from platform to another. Follow the steps detailed on the page to use sample data from your TradeGecko account.

That's it, onto the Action:

This example will create a new MailChimp subscriber using the data pulled from TradeGecko. Click continue to progress.

Again, you'll need either connect your MailChimp account or select from your pre-existing connected accounts.


Next, it's time to configure the MailChimp template:

Select the required MailChimp list.
There's no need to edit the Subscriber email as it's already a configured field using the sample data used in the previous TradeGecko trigger setup.


After a quick test, you're all done!


Creating Custom TradeGecko Zaps

There may be times where you need to create a Zap to build an automation that more closely suits your needs.

TradeGecko has built several TiggersActions, and Searches that can be utilized when creating custom Zaps.

Triggers are used by Zapier to initiate a workflow. The following events within TradeGecko will trigger Zapier to perform an action (in the previous example we added an email address to a MailChimp list as the action):

  • New Company
  • New Order
  • New Invoice
  • New Address
  • New Fulfillment 
  • New Contact
  • Order Fulfilled 

Actions can be used when you need to create data within your TradeGecko account. We support the following actions:

  • Create Address
  • Create Order
  • Create Company
  • Create Contact 

Searches are used to look up existing data within your TradeGecko account. There may be times when you need to find and send data from TradeGecko to another service. TradeGecko's searches allow you to find contact details or find a company address.

If you'd like more details on building custom Zaps our friends at Zapier have an excellent guide to help guide you through the process here.

We can't wait to see what you create! Happy Zapping!

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