Manage Stock Levels

When creating new products on TradeGecko, you'll notice a checkable option for Manage Stock Level. By checking this option, this will allow TradeGecko to manage your stock levels. 


It is important to decide whether you would like to Manage the Stock Levels for your Variants at the time you create them as it's not possible to update this option later. This is a safety measure put in place to prevent any discrepancies of Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) between TradeGecko and your Accounting Integration.

Having Manage Stock Level enabled is required for your MAC Calculation. Your initial Stock Levels and Initial Cost Price work in conjunction to initiate the calculation of your Moving Average Cost (MAC). If the option is disabled, TradeGecko does not track the stock level of the variant, therefor is unable to maintain an accurate MAC value. You can find more information on MAC and how it is calculated by clicking here.

Importing Products from Sales Channels

For the initial import of variants from Sales Channels, each of the variants' Manage Stock Level option on TradeGecko will match and reflect the 'Manage Stock' equivalent option for the variants on the Sales Channel.

For example, on WooCommerce, there is a 'Manage Stock' checkbox - During the initial Variant import from WooCommerce, TradeGecko will simply reflect the option as how it is set on WooCommerce (enabled or not).

On Shopify, the equivalent setting to 'Manage Stock Levels' would be 'Inventory Policy'. - if this setting is enabled, TradeGecko will reflect this and set 'Manage Stock Levels' to be enabled during the initial import.

If you notice any errors or did not enable Manage Stock Levels by mistake, please Contact Us and we'll be glad to assist!
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