Sync Details between TradeGecko sales invoices and Xero invoices

By default, TradeGecko sends sales invoices and payments in real time. You will also have the options to send sale invoices to different ledgers based on each of your sale channels or send invoices in a daily batch.
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How sale invoices are sent to Xero Ledgers
TradeGecko sends invoices to Xero in "Awaiting Approval" states. For each sale order’s invoice, TradeGecko send these details below to Xero.
TradeGecko Sales Invoice
Xero Bill
Issued date
Payment Due date
Due Date
TradeGecko Invoice Number
Invoice Number
Invoice's reference (or Order number when Invoice’s reference is empty)
Invoice currency
Currency code
We send line items as Exclusive, Inclusive or No Tax Invoice to Xero.
For accounting balance:
  • Invoicing a Sales Order from TradeGecko will increase Account Receivable, decrease Revenue in Xero accounts.
  • Shipping a Sales Order from TradeGecko will increase Cost of Goods Sold, decrease Stock On Hand account.
Customize sale invoices sync to sale ledgers
TradeGecko’s Xero integration allows you to split your sales invoices across multiple sales ledgers. You can customize default settings to send sales invoices to a ledger based on:
Company the invoice is addressed to
Invoices will be sent to Xero’s ledger for each Company. This is the default option.
Company A & Company B made 2 orders in your website. Company A’s invoice will be sent to Xero’s sale ledger for Company A. Same for Company B
Variant SKUs in the invoice
Each variant in the invoice will be mapped to its Default Sales Account assigned to.
A customer buy a red T-shirt & a blue T-shirt. Red T-shirt invoice will be sent to Xero’s ledger for Red T-Shirt. Same for blue T-shirt

Sales channel the invoice originated from
Customize sending invoices to different sale ledgers in Xero based on each of the sale channels.
You’re running a store in USA and a store in Canada. Invoices for USA store will be sent to a Xero’s ledger for USA store. Same for Canada store.
This is a sample of how a TradeGecko's Sales Invoice sync to Xero Invoice looks like:
Example #1 Before Approval in Xero
Example #2 After Approval in Xero, Awaiting Payment
Assign Sale invoices to ledgers based on each Sale Channels
If you’re selling on multiple stores, TradeGecko offers the option to assign the sale invoices to different sale ledgers in Xero. For example, if you have a B2B store and a B2C store (e.g. Shopify), you can choose 1 ledger for B2B invoices and another ledger for B2C invoices.

Send Sale Invoices in daily batches
If you have high volume of orders per day and constantly hitting Xero limit, TradeGecko has an option to send invoices in a daily batch for each sale channel. If you turn on this option, instead of sending invoices instantly when an order is paid, we will collect the invoices throughout the day and send them as a batch to Xero. You can choose the time when the invoices batch is sent to Xero.
When batch invoices is on for a channel, payments sync will be turned off between TradeGecko & Xero by default. You will need to mark the payment as paid manually in Xero & TradeGecko. If you want the payment to be marked as paid automatically, you can turn on the Batch Payment option on your Xero Sale Channel Settings. We will clear the payments at once for all invoices in the batch. The payment clearance will happen after daily batch invoices are sent to Xero.
Invoices created on TradeGecko before the integration cannot be synced over to XERO. Please contact us if you need historical invoices to sync over to XERO.
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