Connect OpenCart to TradeGecko via CartRover

Step 1: Connect TradeGecko to CartRover

Step 2: Connect OpenCart to CartRover 

1. Begin by downloading the CartRover extension that matches the version of OpenCart you have installed:

OpenCart Version

  • Download Link
  • 2.1 & 2.2
  • 2.3

2. Open OpenCart Admin panel page:  

    • Navigate to Extensions > Extension Installer inside your OpenCart admin area.
    • Select the file you just downloaded and upload it.opencart-setup.png
    • If OpenCart shows an error message such as Could not connect or No file found, please use the QuickFix extension to resolve the OpenCart FTP issue. This plugin is not created nor supported by CartRover.
    • Go to System →  Users →  User Groups. Select whichever User Group(s) you want to have access to API user setup. Make sure that fields feed/gss_api has been checked under both Access Permission and Modify Permission.
    • Go to Extensions →  Feeds.
    • Find GSS API in the list below and click to Enable the extension.
      • If it says that you have no permissions, redo step c. Uninstall this extension, and continue from step d again.

3. From the left navigation pane in OpenCart click on System Users API

4. Click in the top right corner of the screen to Add New API Key

5. Enter "CartRover" or similar as the API Name

6. Click to generate a new API Key.

7. Change the Status field to "Enabled".    

8. Click on the IP Addresses tab and click . Enter the following value:

9. Repeat the previous step again and this time enter: 

10. Click on the General tab, copy the API Key, and then Save the page with the icon in the upper right.

11. Paste the API Key into the CartRover setup page.


12. To find your Store URL, go back to OpenCart and from the left navigation pane, click on SystemSettings. Copy and paste the Store URL into the CartRover setup page.

13. See the OpenCart Settings page for additional settings specific to OpenCart.


Supported Sync Workflows:

1. Order Import

  • CartRover retrieves new orders from OpenCart
  • CartRover delivers orders to TradeGecko

2. Shipment Confirmation

  • CartRover retrieves shipment tracking from TradeGecko
  • CartRover delivers shipment tracking to OpenCart

3. Inventory Sync

  • CartRover retrieves inventory levels from TradeGecko
  • CartRover delivers inventory levels to OpenCart


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