Why are products missing from your B2B eCommerce store?

TradeGecko allows you to choose which products to display in your B2B eCommerce store, as well as control which customers can see those products.

Depending on your settings it's possible for your B2B Customers to see an empty store or for products to be hidden from their view. An empty store view will appear similar to this:


There are several reasons why your products may be missing when customers access your B2B eCommerce store. We'll detail the most common reasons for missing products and how to rectify each situation:

The variant(s) are not published to the B2B eCommerce store

For your variants to be displayed in the B2B eCommerce store they each need to be published.


How to fix:Publish the Variants to the B2B eCommerce Store. Variants can be published through the B2B products pages by navigating to B2B eCommerce > Products, or through the Inventory page. In total there are 3 ways to publish the variants. Please see this article for more information on this process. 

The Variant(s) are not set to Sellable.

Variants that are not Sellable will not be available to any sales related process within TradeGecko, this includes the B2B eCommerce store.


How to Fix: Check off This item is sellable. This can also be done in bulk via Update Existing Products > Select the Sellable attribute. Please see this article for more information on this process.

Prices are not set in the customer's default price list.

You can control the visibility of published products for each of your customers by specifying a default price list in their relationship settings. Variants that do not have a price on the customer's default price list will not be displayed.

For example, if the Customer (Relationship) accessing the B2B eCommerce store has the Wholesale price list set as their default, any products without a Wholesale Price set will not be displayed on the B2B eCommerce store.


How to Fix: Ensure Prices are entered for the Price Lists assigned to your B2B eCommerce customers. You can update Price Lists in bulk. Please see this article for more information on this process.

Prices are not set in B2B store's Fallback Price List

If your B2B eCommerce customers do not have a Default Price List assigned, then the Fallback Price List will be taken into consideration, as per your B2B eCommerce Settings. If the variants do not have prices set for the Price List that is set as the Fallback Price List, then the variants will not be displayed.


How to Fix: Similar to #3, ensure prices are entered for the Price List set as your Fallback Price List under your B2B eCommerce Settings.You can the update Price List in bulk. Please see this article for more information on the process. 

The variant(s) do not have stock at Customer's default stock location or the 

If the Products/Variants published to the B2B eCommerce store do not have Customer's default stock location or do not have stock at the 

However, if you wish to display Products/Variants that are out of stock on your B2B eCommerce store, you can do this by navigating to your B2B eCommerce Admin > Content tab > check off option to Display products that are out of stock > click on Save all changes




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