Removing Products/Items from a Sales Order

You can make certain edits to your Sales Orders depending on the Stage of the Sales Order. Please visit the following article on what you can edit based on the Sales Order Stage:

Edit a Sales Order

As mentioned in the above article, within the Draft and/or Active stage of the Sales Order, you can edit all parts of your sales order, such as adding or removing line items.

Once you are at the Finalized stage of the Sales Order, you CANNOT remove items from the order. However, you are able to remove the line items from the Finalized Stage of the order if the following conditions are met:

1. The items you are looking to remove from the Sales Order have not yet been Invoiced.

2. The items you are looking to remove from the Sales Order have not yet been Fulfilled.

It is important to note that once the line items on a Sales Order have been marked as Fulfilled (shipped), and even if the Fulfillment has later been deleted, the order line items cannot be deleted nor can the quantity be set to 0. This is intended by the system to maintain integrity and maintain an accurate record. However, if the line items have been invoiced, but not yet fulfilled, you can delete the Invoice, remove the unwanted line items, and then Re-invoice again. 

If you have deleted the Fulfillment from a Fulfilled Sales Order in order to delete line items from the order, this cannot be done as there has been a stock movement already (fulfillment). The only work-around here is to Void the original Order, Clone the Sales Order, Remove the unwanted items from the order, proceed to finalizing/Invoicing/fulfilling the Sales Order as usual.

Once the line items on the Sales Order have been Fulfilled, you can no longer remove them from the order. There aren't any work-arounds for this. To rectify, please Create a Return on the Sales Order.

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