Sales Invoice Reports (BETA)

Occasionally, you may need to generate reports for data associated with Sales Invoice totals rather than Sales Order totals. This is especially helpful when calculating sales commissions for your sales teams, based on Invoiced Sales.

You can run Sales Invoice Reports by selecting any of the Sales Order Reports within Intelligence and selecting the Invoices option located under Report Settings. This setting determines whether your report will be calculated based on Invoice or Order totals.

You can also choose the time grouping of your report under these settings which goes in conjunction with the main time period selected for the overall report. However, please note when selecting any date-related options that sales invoice reports use the invoice issue date and not the order issue date.



Potential and Realized metrics are only available when calculating based on Orders. If you change your settings to calculate on Invoices, these metrics will be removed from your column and filters.

All dimensions are available as with the Sales Orders Reports. However, only the following Metrics are available with the Sales Invoice Reports:

  1. Total sales
  2. Quantity
  3. Total tax
  4. Total discount


You may notice that some of the metrics available within Sales Order reports are not available for use within Sales Invoice reports. This is because the data these metrics rely upon are associated with Order values, not Invoices.

The following sales order metrics are not compatible with sales invoice reporting.

  1. COGs - Cost of Goods Sold calculations are dependent on the Moving Average Cost (MAC) for each variant within a Sales Order. A sales order COGs value is generated when the order is fulfilled. As invoice data is not dependant on the fulfillment status of an order, the COGs metric is not compatible with invoice based reporting.
  2. Realized and potential profit - Because we don't have COGs, we cannot calculate the profit.
  3. Potential tax - We don't have potential tax because we cannot tie a payment to a specific invoice line item. Payments are linked to a whole invoice.
  4. Potential discount - We don't have potential discount because we cannot tie a payment to a specific invoice line item. Payments are linked to a whole invoice.

To finalize and generate the report, continue as you would with the regular sales reports by clicking on Apply or Apply Filters.

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