Setting Initial Costs for Imported Variants

Once the initial cost value has been imported, it cannot be updated again as we already start calculating your Moving Average Cost and Cost of Good Sold. If you want to readjust your Moving Average Cost, contact us at

Whilst we recommend creating variants within your TradeGecko account and publishing out to connected sales channels, there are times where you may need to create variants directly within a sales channel and have them sync to TradeGecko. 

When doing so, TradeGecko will import the variant including the available attributes from the associated channel. However, if the sales channel does not support the use of a cost price (the cost to you for acquiring existing stock), TradeGecko is not able to create an Initial Cost Price, causing each of the imported variants to have a Moving Average Cost of 0. 

Further information on Moving Average Cost can be found in this article.

To ensure you're able to track costs and profits accurately for imported variants you'll need to perform an import of your variant's Initial Cost Price.

We'll guide you through this simple process below:

Once your variants have synced to TradeGecko, navigate to Inventory > Products, then click the Bulk Manage button and select Import Initial Costs.

The Import Initial Costs option will not be displayed if you have a connected QBO or Xero integration. The Retail and Wholesale price columns within the Initial Cost CSV template CANNOT be used (changed/updated) to update your variants' prices. To learn more about updating your Variants' Prices, please click here

You will see the following screen:

Select the Export your initial cost price CSV optionto download a CSV file containing each of the variants you can set an Initial Cost Price for. 

Once a variant has a stock movement (associated with a sales order, purchase order or a stock adjustment etc) it's no longer possible to set the Initial Cost. This process should be completed immediately after creating your Products and Variants.

Add your variant costs (per unit) to the Price columnand save the file. 

Next, drag your newly saved file into the shaded box (you can also click to select your file), then click the green UPLOAD button. Your cost prices will now be imported into TradeGecko.


Click the DONE button to return to your Inventory. 

The updated cost values for your variants can now be viewed on the right-hand side of the variant details page.


Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.
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