Shopify - Stock Location options

TradeGecko's integration with Shopify allows you to select which stock location to associate your integration with.

How Stock Location Affects Orders

When orders are imported from Shopify to TradeGecko, the orders will be assigned to your selected stock location. Stock for products added to orders synced from Shopify will be taken from this location.

If you have the Multi Location functionality for your Shopify Platform, you can select and map either a single, multiple, or all Shopify locations to your TradeGecko Locations. Orders synced from Shopify to TradeGecko will be assigned to the locations as per the mapping between Shopify and TradeGecko Locations. The locations can be mapped within the Shopify App Settings > Locations tab. For each of the listed Shopify Locations, you can map the location to the TradeGecko locations within the Assign To drop-down.


For example, your Shopify location: New York can be mapped to your TradeGecko Location: Warehouse USA. Once mapped, and an order comes in from Shopify with the New York location assigned to the order, we will deduct the stock levels of your products from Warehouse USA in TradeGecko.

How Stock Location Affects Products

When a product is imported from Shopify to TradeGecko, the product's stock level from Shopify will be assigned to the selected stock location.

With Shopify Multi Location functionality, similar to the mapping of Order locations, for each Shopify Location, you can select and map a single or multiple TradeGecko locations to sync the Stock Levels (from TradeGecko to Shopify). You can select the location(s) from the Sync Range drop-down. If you have multiple locations selected, the sum of the stock levels from the multiple locations will be synced to the Shopify Location.

For example: You can map your Shopify Location: New York to both your TradeGecko Locations: Warehouse USA & Warehouse Canada. Once mapped, we will push the sum of stock levels from both Warehouse USA & Warehouse Canada to your Shopify Location: New York.

Updating Shopify Locations

Your Shopify stock location is selected during installation and can be changed later through your Shopify integration's settings page. If you require more customized location logic, such as stock levels being summed across multiple locations, this can be configured in the settings page as well.

With Shopify Multi Location functionality, during installation, you will be prompted to map the locations for Order and Stock level sync. During the initial setup, the location you select will be used both for Order and Stock level sync between Shopify and TradeGecko. These settings can later be updated within the Locations tab of the Shopify App Settings. If you have created a new location on Shopify, you will be notified and prompted via email to map the new location to a TradeGecko location. By clicking on 'View Shopify Settings' button within the email, you will be re-directed to your Shopify App Location setting to complete the mapping of locations. It would be best to complete the mapping as soon as a new location has been created to avoid any Pending Orders and/or Stock Level discrepancies.


TradeGecko Stock Locations
For more information on TradeGecko stock locations please see this article.
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