How does Shopify POS Sync with TradeGecko?

Shopify Point of Sale (POS) is an app that provides an in-person checkout system on the iPad or the iPhone. If you have a Shopify Online Store you may also have multiple POS locations and orders to those POS locations as well as directly to your online store. This article will cover how TradeGecko manages your online store as well as your POS locations.

Let’s look at the flow between TradeGecko, Shopify and Shopify POS:

TradeGecko pulls order information from your Shopify account but NOT directly from your POS locations. Your Shopify account pulls order data from your POS locations. So your POS location order data comes to TradeGecko, through Shopify.

On TradeGecko, you can sync your POS to the location from which you want the stock to be deducted from. Therefore when you make an order from your POS the stock will fall on TradeGecko, from the location assigned to it.

On your TradeGecko account, go to your Shopify App Settings, and click on the Locations tab: 


Assign each POS location to the warehouse from which you want your inventory levels to sync. Your Online retail store may be assigned to your primary location or all locations. Click here to learn more about Shopify Location Settings.

Stock levels from each individual POS location will be reflected on mapped/assigned TradeGecko Locations.


Your Shopify online retail store has 5 tee-shirts.
Therefore, POS Location A and POS Location B will show 5 tee-shirts.
Also, your Default Location in TradeGecko will also show 5 tee-shirts.
You then receive an Order for 1 tee-shirt via POS Location B. 
Your stock levels across all platforms will fall to 4 tee-shirts.

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