Updating Price Lists via a CSV upload

If you have a large number of variants to update you can use a CSV import to complete the task with a single process. 

To do so, navigate to Inventory > Price Lists, then click to open the price list you need to update.


Once the price list is displayed, click the Update Price List via CSV button in the upper-right corner.


If you don't yet have a CSV file to update, select the No, I need to download a template to fill in option.

Alternatively, if you already have a CSV file ready to upload, skip ahead to Uploading your edited CSV file


Next, you'll be asked to select which variant attributes to include in the CSV file. By default the required attributes for the chosen price list are selected. If you wish to update more than one price list with a single CSV file select the additional price list as required.


build.gifClick the  BUILD CSV TEMPLATE button then when ready click the DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET option.

Once downloaded, edit the data as needed then select the UPLOAD FILLED CSV button.

Uploading your edited CSV file 

Once you've downloaded and edited your price list CSV it's time to upload it! Either select the UPLOAD FILLED CSV option presented when exporting the original CSV, or alternatively start the process again and select the Yes I have a spreadsheet with updated price list ready for upload option.

From the upload page you can either drag your CSV file into the grey upload area, or click to select the file from your device. 

When ready so proceed, click the green UPLOAD option.



TradeGecko will process the CSV file then ask you to confirm the changes. If you're happy to update click the YES, THIS IS CORRECT > option. Your changes will now be uploaded.

csvupdate.gifIf there are any issues with your CSV file that would prevent TradeGecko from correctly processing the changes a breakdown will be displayed. Click the DOWNLOAD SPREADSHEET WITH ERRORS button to download a CSV file detailing each of the errors in your original CSV file.

Edit the file to correct the issues and proceed with the upload by clicking the re-upload the corrected spreadsheet option, or starting the process from the beginning.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions on this process.
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