My Intelligence Hub

The intelligence Hub is the main page where you can view and access all of your intelligence reports.
Each user can pin any of the available Intelligence reports to create a custom dashboard. You can pin reports by clicking on the 3-dotted menu, and click on Pin Report.
Within the home page of Intelligence, My Intelligence Hub, based on the date preset selected, the graph will provide you with an overview of your Total Order Value (monetary units), Total Profit (monetary units), and the number of products sold to see how your business is doing. You can click on each tab to generate and display a graph specifically for the tab selected (Total Order Value, Total Profit, Products Sold). Based on the date preset selected, the graph also includes last year's results for comparison so you can see how your business is currently performing.
On the right hand side, you will notice a chart that provides you with an overview of what has been contributing to your overall sales for the date preset selected. There are a range of available filters, from which you can select to generate specific data, that can be narrowed down to either Order Value or Order Quantity. 
On this chart, you may notice a Green Arrow pointing up or a Red Arrow pointing down. The Green Arrow pointing up indicates an increase in ranking where as the Red Arrow pointing down indicates a decrease in rankings. The increase and decrease of rankings are based on comparing the current time period selected to the previous time period. For example: If you select a 30 day time period, the rankings will be calculated based on the previous 30 day time period. 
Saved Reports
Here is where you will find all of your preset and saved reports. Example: Saved report of a certain Customer with select metrics and filters added. 
Inventory Reports
Here is where you will find all of your Inventory/Stock related reports. The Inventory reports provide you with insight on key aspects of your inventory. This information is very useful if you want to track your cost of goods sold, profits, expected profits and more. There are six available Inventory reports you can generate: 
  1. Inventory Stock on Hand Report
  2. Inventory Detail Report
  3. Location Report
  4. Stock Reorder Report
  5. Incoming Stock Report
  6. Historic Inventory Report 
Invoice Reports
Here is where you will find all of your Sales Order Reports with data associated with Sales Invoice totals rather than Sales Order totals. This is especially helpful when calculating sales commissions for your sales teams, based on Invoiced Sales. Here are all the available Invoice Reports:
Order Reports
The Order Reports provide you with detailed insight on overall sales. You can generate reports on total sales, quantities sold, and other metrics used from Sales Order data. It then allows you to break down those metrics easily by various filters available. Here are the various order reports available:
Payment Reports
The Payment Report allows you to generate reports based on Total Payments made on Sales Invoices. You can further narrow the payment data with the various available filters (by Customer, Channel, Location, etc.). For example, you can use the Customer Payment Report to generate a report of the total amount of payments made by a certain customer within the selected date preset. Here are the various Payment reports available:
Within any tab of the Intelligence module, you are now able to view and access any of the available Intelligence reports, without having to go back to the main page of Intelligence. Click on the Report List drop-down menu on the upper-right hand side of the page to see a list of the available intelligence reports. You can use the search bar to find and access the exact report you are looking for (including saved reports).
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