Shopify Stock & Order Management with TradeGecko - Process Flow

Managing Shopify Sales Orders in TradeGecko

When a Sales Order comes into Shopify, a Finalized order and invoice is created in TradeGecko to reflect this sale, and the order is also marked as paid.

A user in TradeGecko would then pick and pack to fulfill the order - it is at the fulfillment stage that stock is decremented from your TradeGecko stock levels - again, these changes are then reflected in Shopify stock levels.

In some situations you may not have all of the products that were purchased in the order - TradeGecko allows you to partially fulfill this order and ship just the products you have available.

When a Sales Order is fulfilled in TradeGecko - it is then fulfilled in Shopify.

Managing Stock Movements, Stock Adjustments, Purchase Ordering and Product Re-ordering for Shopify

On the TradeGecko platform you create Purchase Orders, Stock Transfers or Stock Adjustments - which modify & create the stock in the TradeGecko stock control - these updates to your stock levels are then reflected in Shopify.

Please keep in mind that these adjustment in the products in the Sales Order in TradeGecko are not reflected in the Shopify order.
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  • Avatar
    justin .

    hi, why my shopify order didnt appear in my tradegecko sales orders????

  • Avatar
    Maui Duclercq

    Hi TradeGecko team,

    I am currently testing TradeGecko (TG) + Shopify POS. In my case, ideally Operations dpt would use TG to manage the inventory and Sales dpt would use Shopify POS to process sales orders. I have noticed a few things that are worth mentioning around sales orders fulfilment. Hope this is helpful. If incorrect, I am more than happy to revise this list.

    • Creating a fulfilled order in Shopify POS creates a fulfilled order in TG. No pb.
    • Creating an unfulfilled order in Shopify POS creates an unfulfilled sales order in TG. Stock is committed. No pb.
    • Fulfilling a sales order in full in TG fulfills the order in full in Shopify. No pb.
    • Accepting payment in full in Shopify POS updates the sales order accordingly in TG. No pb.

    - Partial payments in the POS don't reflect as such in TG because TG doesn't support them.
    - Partial fulfillment in TG doesn't reflect as such in Shopify. Worse the corresponding line items are marked as completely fulfilled in Shopify POS, although it is not the case. This can be really confusing for the sales staff...
    - Refunds / Returns / Exchanges initiated in Shopify POS don't reflect at all in TG. The only solution I see is creating a new sales order in TG with negative quantities to reflect these changes. This is not ideal as it is not pushed to Shopify POS and therefore cannot be consulted by the Sales staff.

    TradeGecko is already a good inventory system. Solving the points above would give a lot more credibility to its integration with Shopify.

    In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with Returns / Refunds / Exchanges in TG / Shopify? Thanks.

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    Muchsin Assegaf

    I only do returns in shopify with this..
    Thats the best so far :)