Xero Tracking Categories

Xero’s Tracking Categories functionality allows you to drill into your revenue stream without needing to add multiple account codes to capture details in your accounting reports.

TradeGecko’s integration with Xero allows you to map each Tracking Category set up on your Xero account to a property of a Sales Order. This means that when a Sales Order is created these properties will auto-populate your tracking field in the corresponding Invoice on Xero, thus facilitating accurate and insightful sales revenue reporting.

This article will go through how to set up the sync between TradeGecko and Xero’s Tracking Categories.

On your Xero account, you are able to create up to two categories, each with as many options as you need. An example of a tracking category name would be Product Type. Options you could include under this category could be, Shirt, Dress, Watch etc, to reflect the revenue generating products in your business.

First, you will need to ensure that your categories are set up on your Xero account. Login to your Xero account and click on Tracking under General Settings.

You will be directed to the Tracking page, where you can add your categories and option. Add your Category type, in this case, let's use Product Type.

You can then set up as many options are you need. Let’s add a Shirt as one of your options by clicking on Add another option.

Once you have added your Options save your category. Then, log in to your TradeGecko account and navigate the tracking categories section via the Xero tab in your integration sidebar.

Here you will be able to match the tracking categories that you set up on Xero to a selection of 5 properties of a Sales Order on TradeGecko. These 5 properties are as follows:

  • Sales Location
  • Assignee
  • Product Type
  • Product Brand
  • Channel Name

Select the appropriate property on TradeGecko and match it to its respective tracking category.

When you have finished matching the two columns, save your changes.

Now, when a Sales Order invoice is pulled from TradeGecko into Xero, the field for tracking category on your Xero account will be populated with the relevant information automatically.

For example, you will see that the Product Type category in the invoice below has been populated with ‘Watch’, eliminating the need for manual entry.

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