Syncing Images between TradeGecko and Shopify

During installation

From Shopify to TradeGecko (if your products were first set up on Shopify)

  • All images will be imported onto the TradeGecko product.
  • If there are different images assigned for all variants on Shopify, TradeGecko will mirror this and assign the images to their relevant variants.

From TradeGecko to Shopify (if your products were first set up on TradeGecko)

  • TradeGecko will push all images that are assigned to the variants that are being published to Shopify.

Sample scenario

  • Product exist in TradeGecko and Shopify, both has the same product attributes such as Product Name, SKU and images.
  • During integration, you choose Sync Mode: "2-way Default sync" and Import Type: "Match & Import".
  • All product attributes on Shopify will be overwritten by TradeGecko, except for the images. Meaning, there will be no changes on the image sync for this scenario. 


After installation

From TradeGecko to Shopify

  • When you publish a product with images, Shopify will mirror this and assign the images to their relevant variants.
  • When an image is added on a product that is already published to Shopify, it will sync to Shopify's Image gallery.
  • If you delete an image at the product level in TradeGecko, it also deletes on the other platform.

From Shopify to TradeGecko

  • When you add new products with images assigned to the variants, TradeGecko will mirror this.
  • When an image is added, it will be pushed to TradeGecko at the Product Level.
  • If you delete an image from Shopify, it disconnects the image link between TradeGecko and Shopify but it does not delete the image in TradeGecko.
Please contact us if the images from Shopify or TradeGecko are not syncing.
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