Custom Dimensions for Sales Reports

Our Custom Dimensions feature is fully available to customers who have subscribed to Small Business plans or above. Lite plans are limited to a default selection of 6 dimensions, if you are interested in upgrading, contact us now.

Why change default dimensions

As a rule, businesses benefit from exploring their sales data from different angles. Such exploration often yields unexpected insights that are useful when evaluating sales and marketing strategies. For example, distributors and resellers of Accessories and Apparel products might be interested in tracing sales not just by SKU, but by size, color, and style of their goods. Such businesses could tag their products, according to their style, and then conveniently see which of them are in higher demand and in which regions.

By default, TradeGecko offers the following five dimensions:

  • Product
  • Variant
  • Customer
  • Customer type
  • Assignee

However, customers can change the default configuration and add sales dimensions they need.

Adding and removing dimensions

Default dimensions cannot be removed.

However, users can add or remove additional dimensions via Intelligence Settings:

Intelligence> Click on any Sales Reports e.g. Assignee (Total Sales by Assignee)> Click on Edit Columns> You will see a button that says Intelligence Settings. Click on it and it will bring you to the following: 

After selecting additional dimensions and saving changes, users will have to wait until their changes propagate through the Intelligence system. When the process is completed, a visual indicator in the sidebar will appear to notify the users that changes to their Sales Report configuration is now finalised. You can now view your business data in different dimensions, such as Location.  

TradeGecko Intelligence Reports generate data based on the sale of individual variants. At this time, for the sale of Pack Size Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with individual units, only the top level pack size variant itself. Likewise, for the sale of Composite Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with component variants, only the top level composite variant.
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