Intelligence Insights Widgets

Intelligence Insights allow TradeGecko users to understand performance of their customers without the need to dig through Intelligence reports. Intelligence Insights achieve that by loading relevant data from Intelligence backend and serving that data in specific user contexts.

For example, instead of constructing a sales report by customer, TradeGecko user could access Relationships section, select a customer assigned to her, and quickly glance bit-sized sales data from the Insights tab.

Intelligence Insights is very useful for sales representatives and B2B business owners who closely manage relationships with their customers.

Currently, Intelligence Insights are only available to customers signed up after April, 2016. If the Insights widgets are not available in your account, please contact us today to have it enabled.

Intelligence Insights offer the following 3 widgets in the Relationships section, click on the specific contact you wish to learn more about:

  1. Top 5 SKUs purchased by the customer in the past 30 or 90 days, sorted by quantity.
  2. Time series of total sales for the past 30 or 90 days.
  3. Lifetime value of the customer: historic LTV, and the date when customer record has been created.

This is especially useful for a glimpse of your past interactions with a business contact, how it has grown over time as well as the lifetime value of your relationship. Many TradeGecko users have told us that they actively make use of these data. 

TradeGecko Intelligence Reports generate data based on the sale of individual variants. At this time, for the sale of Pack Size Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with individual units, only the top level pack size variant itself. Likewise, for the sale of Composite Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with component variants, only the top level composite variant.
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