TradeGecko Mobile - Setting up User Permissions

When you set up user permissions on your main TradeGecko account, these permissions will be reflected on your TradeGecko Mobile app.

Only the administrator of the account can add and edit User Permissions.

To set the permissions for a user go to the Settings > Team Members section. Here you can modify the permissions for all the users in your account. Learn more about User Permissions here.

Once you have updated the user permissions for a user, the user will be notified of the updated permissions when they perform the next sync on the app. When sync completes, a notification will appear, prompting the user to reset and resync the app. "Reset and resync" is required to update the data on the app and enable the new permissions.

There is also an option here to perform the "Reset and Resync" at a later time. If the user chooses to do this later, a notification icon will appear at the corner of the screen and stay there as a reminder to perform the "Reset and Resync".

You can also choose to manually do a "Reset and Resync" anytime. Go to your Dashboard, at the top, tap on Account Sync: 

You will be brought this page: 

You can tap on "Reset and Resync" at the bottom of the page. 

Once the user completes the above steps, the app will accordingly modify the UI of the app to restrict access. For example, a user with Customer permission set to "No Access" and Orders permission set to "Read-Only" will only be able to view certain data.

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