Shopify- Integration Sync Guide

Please ensure that before importing your products from Shopify, you have understood what Initial Cost Price is and set up your initial cost price promptly. As the initial cost price affects your Moving Average Cost (MAC), once transactions are made on your store with the incorrect initial cost price, all your reporting for profit margin will be affected too.

TradeGecko synchronizes with Shopify in real-time giving you the ability to manage your Shopify products, stock levels and sales orders through TradeGecko.


We help sync and keep track of your:

  • Products - We import all your products from Shopify, and subsequently allow you to create new products on either Shopify or TradeGecko and sync them across.
  • Orders - Whether an order is created from a customer online, or through Shopify POS, we track them all. We also allow you to create shipments, mark returns, and more on TradeGecko, and sync this information back to your Shopify store.
  • Stock levels - If you’re selling wholesale or through multiple eCommerce stores, we keep your Shopify store up to date.
  • Customer information - All new customers created on Shopify are imported and stored in TradeGecko as well.

The table below lists the actions and resulting transactions between TradeGecko and Shopify with a Default Sync Mode.


Platform of creation

Resulting transaction


Create a New Product


This creates a new product on TradeGecko.

Creating a product on Shopify will create a product in TradeGecko. However, the cost details e.g. Initial Cost Price is not imported from Shopify. Hence, this will affect your MAC in TradeGecko. It is advisable that you create all new products on TradeGecko.


This creates a new product on Shopify.


Delete a Product


This deletes the link between the TradeGecko and Shopify product.

This does not delete the product on TradeGecko.


This deletes the product on Shopify


Update a Product


Updates the product information on TradeGecko.



Updates the product information on Shopify


New Order


This creates a new order on TradeGecko

The order comes in as Finalized on TradeGecko and an invoice is created. After which, When the order is fulfilled in TradeGecko - it is also fulfilled in Shopify.


Does not create an order on Shopify


Update an Order


This updates shipment and return information on TradeGecko.

Adding line items to an order on TradeGecko does not update the order on Shopify


This updates shipment and return information on Shopify

Delete an order


This deletes the order on TradeGecko.



This cancels the order on Shopify


Update Stock Levels


This updates the stock levels on Shopify.


If you update stock levels on Shopify, the updates will not be synced to TradeGecko.

Update Prices


This updates the price on Shopify.


New customer


This creates a new customer on TradeGecko.


Update Image



When an image is added on a product that is already published to Shopify, it will sync to Shopify's Image gallery.

Learn more about image sync through here.


When an image is added, it will be pushed to TradeGecko at the Product Level.

If you are using TradeGecko and Shopify (or any of our other supported Sales Channels) here’s how we recommend dividing your business actions:

On Tradegecko

  • Integrate supported sales channels (Amazon, multiple Shopify stores, etc.) or wholesale.
  • Manage your shipping if you’re looking to integrate Shipstation or ShipIt or you ship items yourself.
  • Manage and receive your returns.
  • Manage your prices across multiple channels and stock levels across multiple locations.
  • Add new products and create purchase orders for them.

On Shopify

  • Keep your messaging to your customers up to date.
  • Manage your (retail) shipping if you have your carrier integrated into Shopify (you can use Shipstation or ShipIt alongside TradeGecko).
  • Manage your marketing and shipping emails to notify customers when orders have been shipped.
TradeGecko only syncs with Shopify Products that have a Name and a Product Type, and at least one variant with a unique SKU, Name and Price.

If your Shopify products are not syncing with TradeGecko, go to the product in Shopify and fill out the required fields mentioned above. Save the product and refresh your TradeGecko page in a few minutes. The sync should be working. If the problem persists, please refer to this article to learn more on the stock level sync process. Or you can contact us via our Support portal.
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