Installing the Widget to Sync Contact Info Between TradeGecko and Salesforce.

This integration is available to customers on the Business Premium Plan and above and who are subscribed to the Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance plans on Salesforce.

For configuration changes within Salesforce, we recommend having your Salesforce administrator walk you through those changes to avoid complications in other parts of your Salesforce account.

So you’re done setting up the TradeGecko Salesforce integration, all that’s left to do is to create a new contact account on Salesforce and you’re on your way!

In order for your contact information to start syncing between the two accounts, you will need to create a new account and edit that account page. Once you have done so, all accounts created on Salesforce after, will automatically be pushed to TradeGecko.

Contacts created on TradeGecko will be pushed to Salesforce. Conversely, contacts created on Salesforce will be pushed to TradeGecko. Edits can be made to those contacts on either end and will automatically update on the other.

Click on the Accounts tab on the top right hand corner of the page.

Click “New” to create a new contact.

Once you have filled in the fields, click save and you will be taken to the account page.

On the top right hand corner of the account page click on Edit Layout.

At the top of the Edit Layout page, you will see a box called Account Layout. Scroll down and click on Visualforce Pages.

Click and Drag the box names TG_RelationshipInfo into your account layout, as seen below.

Once you have inserted TG-Relationship into place. Click on the edit icon on the corner of the box and edit the height of the widget to 400.

Then click Save.

Now log in to your TradeGecko account and go to your Relationships.

Boom! Your account created on Salesforce should appear as a contact in your Relationships.

You can click on the contact and edit information as you would for any contact.

In this case let’s update the Contact’s phone number. Click save.

If you now go to your Salesforce account you will see that the contact’s phone number will be reflected.

You can also use this integration to view information on recent Orders made under this contact. Alternatively, learn how to set up this integration now.

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