How do I set up my Socket Mobile barcode scanner on my iPad?


TradeGecko Mobile is available to all customers. 
Barcode scanning is only supported for V1.2 and newer on the app. Check the version you are on by going into the More tab of the app and tapping on the user profile. You can update your app on the iOS AppStore to get the latest version.

To use a Socket Mobile bluetooth scanner with your TradeGecko for Sales app follow these steps:

1. Press and hold the Power button on your barcode scanner until the blue LED light turns on and the device beeps twice (It will beep low and then high). The device is now switched on.

2. To use the scanner with the Mobile app you need to set the scanner to iOS mode.

Running the scanner in iOS mode will ensure any of the products scanned are automatically added to the order being created.

Print this page and scan the below barcode to enable iOS mode. Once the iOS mode has been enabled the scanner will beep 3 times to confirm the setting. Alternatively, you can download ScannerSettings, an iOS App. Scan the barcode directly from the app using the Socket Mobile scanner. 

You can try to scan the barcodes directly on screen. If it doesn't work, print this page and scan it from there. The barcode may also be in the manual that came with your socket mobile scanner.

3. Now go into the Settings app of your iPad/iPhone and tap the “Bluetooth” menu to open the bluetooth settings and turn on your Bluetooth. Your iPad should begin to scan for devices to pair with. Select the barcode scanner ‘Socket CHS’ when it appears.

Your barcode scanner is now ready to be used.

4. OpenMobile App and navigate to the cart page and the app should show a message after a few seconds when it detects the connected scanner. You should now be able to scan barcodes to add items to your cart.

Learn how to use Barcodes on your TradeGecko account.

Not Connecting?

If the barcode scanner is appearing on your device but its not connecting, tap the “i” button and choose to “Forget This Device”. Hold down the two top buttons on the scanner until you hear 3 beeps. You've now successfully unpaired the scanner. Try to pair it again using the steps above.  Also note, to pair the scanner to a new device it should have been un-paired from any previous device.

Unable to set the scanner to iOS mode?

If you are unable to scan the above barcode and set it to iOS mode (3 beeps confirms that the device is in iOS mode), you can try resetting the scanner and restart from step 2 again. Scan this barcode to reset your scanner to default settings.


I have connected my barcode scanner to my mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPhone) but it does not work for stocktake, why is this so?

Our stocktake tool works on a web browser and follows the keyboard mode, a different mode from what allows the scanner to work for our iOS App. To use barcode scanner for stocktake tool, simply reset the scanner to the correct mode according to this article whereas if you want to use barcode scanner for the iOS app or your Mac, reset it accordingly as described in this article. Note that you can also do a Stocktake using multiple scanners at the same time.

If you are using barcode mode to do a stocktake, follow the instructions on this article instead.

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