Inventory Planner- Integration Setup Guide

Inventory Planner is a sales forecasting tool that allows you to base your purchase orders on business trends and helps you avoid overstocking. They provide insight and analysis on inventory health and performance.

The TradeGecko-Inventory Planner integration provides you with replenishment suggestions for all your products. Changes to your purchase orders in TradeGecko will sync automatically with your Inventory Planner account to maintain accurate replenishment suggestions.

Here’s how to integrate your TradeGecko account with Inventory Planner.

As Inventory Planner is a 3rd party application you will need to integrate via your Inventory Planner account. Once you have logged into your account will need to select TradeGecko as your platform and and enter you TradeGecko store URL into the field. Click on the sync button.

You will then need to Authorize the sync between Inventory Planner and TradeGecko.

If you have more than one TradeGecko account, select the one you want to integrate with from the dropdown field.

Your first sync may take a few minutes depending on the size of your inventory. Once your data is ready, you will receive an email.

Once your data is synced you will be taken to your Overview page and you should see all your updated stock data.

Your replenishment report will then show you the amount of stock you will need to purchase as well as provide you with an estimation of the potential loss of revenue, should you fail to place the PO.

Using your replenishment suggestions you can then create purchase orders in bulk.

From the bulk action dropdown you select choose from a variety of actions, including Creating a Purchase Order. Click on Create a Purchase Order.

Fill in the details of your Purchase Order and Scroll down to click on Save.

When you click on Save you will have the option to Save on TradeGecko. If you check this box, your Purchase Orders created here will automatically be created in TradeGecko. Once you have clicked Save, you will be able to see your Order History.

Now if you go into your TradeGecko account you will be able to see those Purchase Orders in the Stock Control section of the app.


You can now go into your PO on TradeGecko to receive your Products.

Once Inventory Planner syncs the Purchase Order to TradeGecko, you will not be able to edit the PO in Inventory Planner. Any edits or receiving the PO must be done in TradeGecko and this information will be synced to Inventory Planner. 

Find out more about the TradeGecko- Inventory Planner integration.

Or Watch Inventory Planner’s handy Installation Video.

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