Shopify Channel Listings

The Channel Listing feature for the TradeGecko-Shopify integration provides you with a list of all the products from your Shopify store. This list will display products that are on both your store and inventory and will also show products that are on your store but not linked to any product in your TradeGecko inventory.

To view your Shopify Channel Listings go into the Products Section of your Shopify Integration on TradeGecko.


There are four scenarios you will encounter with Channel Listings. These are

Linked with no errors

If a product is linked with no errors to a variant, this means that the product exists on Shopify and on TradeGecko. You can either Unlink or Unpublish the product, or you can compare the product between Shopify and TradeGecko.

Unlinking a product means that the product on Shopify and on TradeGecko will be treated as separate products from then on. Changes made on either end will not be synced.
Unpublishing a product means that the product will be removed from your Shopify store and from that point will only appear in your TradeGecko inventory.

Comparing your products means that you can view the components of the products on either end. You can also decide to Unlink or Unpublish from this page as seen below.

Linked with Errors

If a product is linked with Errors the Error column in your listing will display the text, “Show Error”

To view the nature of the error hover your cursor over “Show Error”. The error message will appear.

Go into your Error Logs to resolve the error.

You can use the ”See all products with errors” filter at the top of your page to view only the products that contain errors. This eliminates the need to search through your entire Channel Listing for errors

When you use the filter it is important to remember that only the errors on that page of your inventory will be shown. Therefore if you have 3 pages of inventory, click through all three pages to cover all errors.
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