How to Brand your B2B eCommerce Platform

The B2B Commerce Portal is available on the Small Business Plan and above (on new pricing plans).

Customising your B2B platform with your own branding is simple. On the web app, go to B2B eCommerce > My Store. You will be directed to your B2B Platform.

Select the Menu on the top left side of the page. It will expand to reveal your customization options.

You can preview the changes being made in real time on your store. These changes will not be applied to your store until you have saved them.

Under "Branding" tab

You can upload your company logo here to display it in your store. The image size should not exceed 1200x800px.

Primary Color
Selecting a colour here changes the color of the banner for your header.

Secondary Color
Selecting a colour here changes the color of the icon that displays the number of a product you already have in your cart.

Under "General" tab

Enter text here to have it display in the banner at the top of your store. This could be used to highlight temporary promotion on your store or as a welcome message.

Contact Email Address
You can change the email address tied to the Contact Us form on your store, here. By default, the email address tied to your store is the address you would have filled in on the Account Details page on the web app. This is so that in the event your customer needs to contact you, the information would already be available as observed in Contact Us:  

Under "Products" tab

Display products that are out of stock

Checking this box will display products that are out of stock too. 

Display stock quantities 

The amount of stock available for each variant will be displayed if you check this box.

Display first image of each variant 

Checking this box automatically shows the first image available as uploaded for each variant. 

Display tag filters 

Here is where you can improve on the search functionality of your B2B store. For more details, read this article

Once you have explored and updated all your customisation options, click "Save All Changes" to apply them to your store. If you do not want to apply the changes, select "Discard All Changes".

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