TradeGecko Mobile - Sync Changes made on Main App

TradeGecko Mobile App is available to all customers.

Since TradeGecko Mobile works both online and offline, whenever you log in to TradeGecko Mobile, any changes you made will be synced to your Main App (web) automatically (with Internet connection).

However, changes made on your Main App (web) are NOT automatically synced with TradeGecko Mobile. The reason for this is that if you have multiple users on your account, you might not want all the changes to keep occurring especially if you are using the Mobile App at a trade show, roadshow or sales demonstration.

The changes made on your main TradeGecko Mobile app will need to be synced manually. Syncing is simple and will only take a few minutes.

Go into TradeGecko Mobile Dashboard> click on "Account sync" (top of the page)

Touch Sync Now to sync all the changes made on your Main App (web) over to TradeGecko Mobile.

On this page, you can also check the last time you performed a sync. Additionally, you can ensure that changes from all parts of your Main App (web) have been updated on TradeGecko Mobile.

The general rule is that the latest data will override older data regardless of whether that data comes from the TradeGecko backend or from the Mobile App.

Below are the different scenarios:

1. If the data doesn't exist on the Mobile App, we will store all the data on the Mobile App straight away.

2. If the same data exist on the Mobile App:

  • If the data from the backend is older than the data in the Mobile App, we push the data from the Mobile App back to TradeGecko Main App (web). 
  • If the data from TradeGecko Main App (web) is newer than the data in the mobile app, we override any changes to that data in the Mobile App with data changes from TradeGecko Main App (web). 
  • If that data has been deleted on TradeGecko (web), we will delete that data in the Mobile App regardless of if that data has been updated or not.

3. We push any newly created data on the Mobile App that doesn’t exist on TradeGecko Main App (web), to the backend.

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