Magento - Integration Setup Guide

TradeGecko supports importing products (configurable and simple type) from your Magento Store. Currently, we do not support Magento 2.0 on TradeGecko yet. However, some of our users have been able to bridge the gap between Magento 2.0 and TradeGecko by connecting CartRover via API. Click here to learn more.

TradeGecko imports Configurable products as Products and Simple products, that belong to the respective configurable products, are imported as Variants. For Simple products that do not belong to a configurable product, TradeGecko imports them as a single product with a single variant. 

This guide will take you through the steps needed to get started:

  1. Pre-install
  2. Export Magento Product data to CSV
  3. Setting up TradeGecko-Magento Integration


Before setting up the TradeGecko Magento integration, ensure that:

  • All product SKUs are unique
  • All simple products only belong to one configurable product
  • All simple products have the following product attribute:
    • name (General)
    • sku (General)
    • description (General)
    • price (Prices)
    • qty (Inventory)
  • Under “System > Configuration”, then under “General > Web”, the base URL (secure/unsecure) is correctly set to the your website domain.
  • A TradeGecko XML/RPC SOAP user is created 

Export Magento product data to CSV

TradeGecko uses your exported Magento product CSV to import your Magento products into TradeGecko.

To export your product data to CSV on Magento, first log into your Magento Admin, then go to “Systems > Import/Export > Export”. On the “Entity Type” select dropdown, select “Products”. Following at the bottom of the page, click on “Continue”.

Wait for Magento to create CSV file and click save when ready to download the product data CSV.

Setting up TradeGecko-Magento Integration 

Login to TradeGecko, on the side menu, click on “Apps”. On the App Store page, click on Magento and proceed to install Magento.

Insert your Store URL, SOAP Username and API token.

(Store URL can be found on Magento Admin Panel>System>Configuration>Web>Secure/Unsecure>Base URL)

begin magento integration

Set up which Magento Stock Location you wish to sync your stock to, or you can create a new location.

magento integration location

Select the Price List to sync your Magento 'Retail' prices to.

magento integration price lists

Next you need to decide how to import your products from Magento. 

magento integration import products

Option 1: Import my products from Magento

All of your products from Magento will be imported into TradeGecko if you select this option. Follow the next steps to import your products. The Import option requires a CSV from Magento, (On Magento: System->Import/Export->DataflowProfiles->Export All Products) export CSV" Option in the Magento Integration Setup Guide). Use this spreadsheet during the Import process. This way, SKUs that only exist in Magento can be created in TG. The Variants then will be linked between TradeGecko and Magento.

Option 2: Match my products from Magento (No CSV needed)

Select this option only if you have previously integrated Magento (may be deleted) OR if you have an existing Magento integration and you are trying to connect another Magento account that has the same products as your first one.

If you choose to match your products it is important to note that products are matched first by product name and then by SKU so it is advisable to ensure your products names on Magento and TradeGecko are identical.

For example, let's say you created a product 'Red Shirt' in Magento. As new products will not automatically be imported in TradeGecko, if you create 'Red Shirt' in TradeGecko as well and publish it, it will result in duplicates on Magento. To avoid this and to ensure that your products are linked in TradeGecko and Magento without any duplicates:

1. Create the exact same product in TradeGecko (Same product name and SKU)

2. Delete the product in Magento

3. Publish the product from TradeGecko to Magento

Products that do not exist in TradeGecko will not be pulled from Magento. 

Option 3: Don’t import products from Magento

If you do not want all of your products imported over from Magento and would prefer to select which ones to import at later time, select this option.

Disable/Enable integration

Choose if you want to enable or disable your integration. If you choose to enable your integration TradeGecko will import orders created on Magento. Your products will also be synced between TradeGecko and Magento. 

csv import magento products

If your csv file consists of hundreds or thousands of line items, this might take a while. 

magento integration done

Now to complete your Magento integration, you must set up your Initial Cost Price promptly

import initial cost price

To do so, click to import your initial cost prices now and you will be taken to the import price list page. 

upload price list
Please ensure that before importing your products from Magento, you have understood what Initial Cost Price is and set up your initial cost price promptly. As the initial cost price affects your Moving Average Cost (MAC), once transactions are made on your store with the incorrect initial cost price, all your reporting for profit margin will be affected too.

You can check the import progress via the Dashboard in your Magento Channel integration section in your TradeGecko account.

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