Sales Over Time Report for Best Product

Want to know which of your products sold the most in the past month? Perhaps you sell seasonal clothing and you need to compare which items are more popular in the fall as compared to winter- the sales over time report for best product is really handy for this. This article will go over how to create this report.

First, go into the Intelligence Section and click on Sales by Product.Screen_Shot_2018-05-19_at_6.38.19_PM.png

Click on For Orders Issues to select a date range.


You can either manually select the date range or used one of the preset date ranges.

Once you have applied the date range and click Apply, you will be able to see your highest selling products for that time period.

If you want to dig deeper and see how a particular product performed during that time period, simply click on Add Filters.

You will be able to select filter(s) from the drop-down menu.Screen_Shot_2018-05-19_at_6.39.51_PM.png

Once you select Product you will be able to search for that particular product. Click on Apply Filter. Based on the example above, you will only see results for the Product 'Cat Scratch post'.


You will now be able to see how that Product has performed.Screen_Shot_2018-05-19_at_6.40.21_PM.png

If you were looking to exclude certain data from the Report results, you can add an is not filter to the report by selecting any of the available filters, select is not from the middle drop-down menu, add the specific criteria on the right drop-down menu. Click on Apply Filter.Screen_Shot_2018-05-29_at_11.07.07_AM.png

Based on the example above, data from the B2B eCommerce channel will be excluded in this report.

TradeGecko Intelligence Reports generate data based on the sale of individual variants. At this time, for the sale of Pack Size Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with individual units, only the top level pack size variant itself. Likewise, for the sale of Composite Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with component variants, only the top level composite variant.
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