TradeGecko Mobile - Create an Order

TradeGecko Mobile is available to all customers.

To create an order on the Mobile App, first go to the Inventory tab. Search for and select the products that you wish you add to your order.

You can Filter your products by Product Type, Supplier, Brand and Tags. Tap on the Filter button on the top left hand corner of the Products page to view your filters.

You can also search for your products by SKU, Product Name, Product Type and Tags.

You can also view your products in Grid View, depending on your preferences. 

Select the variant that you wish you add to your order.

Variants will be listed in the order as they are in on your Main account.

Touch the “Add to Cart” button.

 Clicking on More Info will show you further information on the variant, such as the total stock, stock locations, prices, last cost price, MAC and whether it is taxable or sellable. 

You will now have to add the quantity required and the discount (if any) to the product.

Click on “Add To Cart” once more.

You will now be able to see your selection in your cart. To create a draft order you also need to select a customer using the Customer field. Remember that this customer must have at least one address associated with it to create a valid Draft Order. You can also add a new customer as well. Only when you have completed this field, the "Save As Draft Order" button will be lit up. To create the draft, tap “Save As Draft Order”

You can also add items to the cart by scanning barcodes or by using the quick add products button in cart.

Once you create the order you will be able to view and edit it via the Orders page of the app. When you create an order it will be in the Draft stage. You can then advance it to become Active and finalized later.

You can filter your Orders by Order Status, Assignee, Ship from Location and Price List. Tap on the Filter button at the top left hand corner of the page, select your preferred option and click on "Apply Filter" to confirm. Clean and fuss free!

Orders are listed chronologically with the latest updated orders at the top of the list. At first sync the app lists the 300 most recently updated orders and all the orders created on the app thereafter.
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