TradeGecko Mobile - Overview

TradeGecko Mobile is available to all customers.

App Overview

TradeGecko Mobile is an ideal tool for selling on the go. It provides you with a beautiful product catalog with high quality images you can show to your customers. You can effortlessly search through your products, create and edit Sales Orders, and manage your business relationships.

And that’s not even the best part! The Mobile App works both online and offline! This means you can add and edit orders without an internet connection. When you are back online, all you need to do is tap the Sync button and your mobile app will automatically sync updates to your TradeGecko account.

Never miss another opportunity to sell, anytime-anywhere-to anyone. To learn more about the App and all its exciting features, watch this video.

The app supports all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) running iOS 8.0 and newer. The app also includes a watch app which supports WatchOS2 or higher.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the App you will be presented with two options. If you already have an existing TradeGecko account and you wish to get started immediately, simply tap Sign In. If you just want to try out the app with a demo TradeGecko account, tap Try It Out.

Whenever you log into your account the app will automatically begin a sync which pulls all the necessary data to your device.

The first sync may take a while, depending on the size of the information stored on your TradeGecko account. Your entire account is only synced when you login to the App, after which, only new changes are synced, which will not take too long.

The App must remain open for the sync to complete. If you have a large account, be sure to connect your device to a power source to keep the App from sleeping.

Once your App has completed the first sync with TradeGecko, you will be directed to a Welcome page. 

The main navigation in the App is via the bottom tab bar. The 5 tabs are - Dashboard, Inventory, Relationships, Cart and Orders. Once you click "Get Started", you will be directed to the Dashboard that looks like this: 

Find out how to create an order, add a customer, add an image, manually sync your TradeGecko account and basically do more business with your App today!

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