WooCommerce Installation Error Messages- What To Do.

If you are having trouble installing the WooCommerce integration you may be seeing one of the following error logs. Below are some steps you can take for each error type. If the problem still persists or if the error presented to you is not one we have listed here, please contact us.

  1. Invalid Signature

If you are presented with this error message it means that your WooCommerce consumer key and consumer secret may have expired or is no longer valid.

Try this: Go into your WooCommerce Account. Click on “Your Profile”. Revoke the API key. Renew the API key and reinsert the newly generated key into the installation field on TradeGecko.

  1. WooCommerce hosting provider is breaking API requests

This error is caused because hosting provider that relays information between TradeGecko and WooCommerce is stripping headers on requests made on their ecommerce stores.

Try this: You will need to contact your hosting provider and tell them to check if they are doing this, and if so, allow these parameters to be relayed to WooCommerce.

  1. Invalid URL

The error occurs because an incorrect URL was entered into the field

Try this: Copy and re-paste the URL into the field. Ensure that you have entered the ENTIRE URL into the field. including the https: and the .com.

Also ensure that you enter the components of the URL that com after the .com. For example. If your URL is http://test.com/store then entering just http://test.com will generate this error.

  1. https Certificate

This error occurs when you attempt to use a https protocol when your WooCommerce website either has an invalid SSL certificate or does not have a SSL certificate. (This means your URL does not begin with https).

Try this: Remove the s from https and re-try the URL.

If your require further assistance drop us an email, preferably with a screen of the error message you are encountering and we will get back to you in a wink!

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