7 Tips and Tricks to take your B2B eCommerce Store to the Next Level

The B2B Commerce Portal is available on the Small Business Plan and above (on new pricing plans).

With these cheeky tips and tricks you can optimize how you use your private B2B eCommerce Platform. Tailor your store to the needs of each buyer, promote your products, set up automated processes and have full control over who can view your store.

This Tips and Tricks sheet covers a few key areas:

1. Custom Price lists for each customer.
2. Custom Discounts for each customer.
3. Flexible Order statuses, allowing to sell products that are out-of-stock.
4. Custom tax types for each business customer.
5. Controlled access to your B2B eCommerce store.
6. Personalise your B2B eCommerce Store Front.
7. Order Confirmation emails for your customers.

Custom Price Lists

To set a custom price list that only a specific customer can see, first got to the Relationship Section.

Select the Company that you want to assign the custom price list to.

Click on the Edit button at the top right hand corner of the page. Scroll down and you will see a field labelled Default Price List.

Here you can select the Price List that you want to assign to this business customer. Click on save and you have a customised price list that your customer will view on you B2B eCommerce Store!


You can set a different discount for each of your business customers if you need to.

To do this first go to the Relationships section of the app and select the company that you would like to add the discount to.

Click on Edit once again and scroll down to your default settings. You will see a field named Default Discount.

You can now set up the Discount percentage for that particular business customer. Click on save and your customer will be able to see his orders with the relevant discount applied!

Order Statuses

You can choose to commit or not commit the stock for orders that come in through your B2B eCommerce store. This is useful if you don’t want your store to show that products are out of stock. Simply set your channel setting so that orders come in as draft and do not commit your stock. If you have set it to Active, orders coming in from B2B eCommerce store will automatically commit stock. 

Go to the B2B section of your app and click on the Settings tab.


Setting Up Taxes

Depending on the type of product you are selling, different taxes may apply to buyers from different countries. A prime example of this is for buyers of Alcohol, where each country has different duties.

You can can assign a specific tax type for each customer via the Relationships section of the App.

Go to the Relationships section and select the Business Customer you need to add the tax type to.

Click on the Edit button at the top right hand corner of the page.

Scroll down to Default Settings and click on the dropdown box for Default Tax Types.

Select the tax type you want to apply to orders from this customer and click on Save.

This will now be the tax applied to this customer.

Revoke Access

You can revoke access from each contact for your B2B eCommerce Store. This is useful if the contact is no longer a wholesale customer of yours.

In your Relationships Section, select the company that this contact belongs to.

Select the contact from whom you wish to revoke access. The following popup will appear.

You will see a button to "Revoke Access". Click on the button and the customer will no longer have access to your eCommerce Store.

Personalise your B2B eCommerce Store Front

Make your B2B eCommerce store friendly to your invited customers! 

B2B eCommerce > Visit your B2B Store (button located on the top right hand corner) 

You will see an admin panel on the left hand side of the page. Under the "Branding" tab, you can make changes and specifications to the logo and colour scheme of your store. 

That's not all! If you click the "General" tab, you can input a personalised header message for your store, like this: 

At TradeGecko, we want to create the best experience for you and your B2B customers. This is our favourite tip to bring your B2B eCommerce Store to the next level! 

Order Emails

You can set up Emails so that each time your customer places an order they will receive an email as confirmation of their order.

To set up this function, go to the Settings page your B2B section.


Check the box to Send Order Confirmation Email. Your customer will now receive a confirmation email upon ordering!

Your B2B eCommerce Store is now exceptional! We wish you and your customers a delightful experience buying and selling. 

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