WooCommerce (Version 2.4 and above)- Integration Setup Guide

This guide is for users using WooCommerce Version 2.4 and above. If you are using an older version, you're looking for this guide instead. 

We now Support WC3.1.x however, please ensure to create backup before upgrading as a precautionary step. Please be advised that you will need to have authentic SSL enabled on your website to ensure successful integration experience.

Before you integrate with WooCommerce, make sure you are not connected to the plug-in, or the integration will not be successful.

To install the TradeGecko WooCommerce Integration, first login to your WooCommerce account.

Go into Settings on the lefthand menu of your WooCommerce dashboard. Click on the 'Products' tab above. Here, go into the 'Inventory' tab. Make sure that the checkbox next to 'Enable stock management' is checked.  

Next, click on the API tab. Check the box to Enable the Rest API.

Now under your Settings, click on the Permalinks tab.

Under the common settings for Permalinks you will need to set your common settings to POST NAME, in order for your integration to work.

Now go to you TradeGecko account. Go to your App Store and Click on the icon to integrate with the WooCommerce.

Copy and paste the WooCommerce URL into the field. 

You MUST include either the http or the https in your URL or the installation will fail.

You will be redirected to the following page:

Select Approve. You will be redirected to the settings page.

You will need to set up your Retail Price List, your Sale price List, your Stock Locations and ensure that you have set up the currency that you wish to import your products in.

If you do not already use the WooCommerce-TradeGecko Plug-in, you can now choose if you would like to import all your products over from Woocommerce now or you can choose not to import now and publish your products from TradeGecko to WooCommerce at a later date.

If you wish to switch from using the Plug-in, to using this new integration, click on the third option to Match my products from WooCommerce. This option matches your products by SKUs,preventing double entries.

If you choose to match your products, your stock levels in TradeGecko will override those existing on WooCommerce as TradeGecko is now the master of your inventory. 

Once your products have been matched you will receive an email notification such as this:


TradeGecko will automatically create webhooks on your WooCommerce Store. Do not delete these otherwise TradeGecko will not be notified of any changes made on your WooCommerce store and your changes will not be updated on TradeGecko

Your Integration is now up and running!

Click on Finish and your installation is complete!

If you wish to uninstall your WooCommerce integration, please ensure that you uninstall it on TradeGecko account BEFORE revoking your keys on your Woocommerce account
Failing to do so will prevent us from cleaning up the webhooks that were created by TradeGecko.

Please contact us if you are unable to install WooCommerce. Alternatively, you can refer to this article WooCommerce Installation Error Messages- What To Do.

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