Add Tags to a Sales Order


Adding tags to Sales Orders makes your Orders exponentially more searchable. You can add tags to Sales Orders both when creating new Sales Orders and to existing Sales Orders.

You can add and remove tags to Sales Orders in bulk. To do so, first select all the Sales orders you wish to add a certain tag such as "Summer Sale" to.

Click on "Add Tags". A popup such as the one below will appear:

You can either create a new tag for the selected Sales Orders or choose from existing tags. Click on add tags.

You can also add tags to individual Sales Orders. 

To add tags to a new Sales Order;

Go to the Sales Order Tab via your main app manager and click on ‘New Sales Order’.

You will be directed to the New Sales Order Page. You will see the Tag field at the bottom left of the page.

Proceed to select your customer, add the billing and shipping addresses and the item name. Once you have filled in those fields you can start to add tags to your order.

Tags are generated in the dropdown box based on tags you have created in previous Sales Orders. If this is your first time creating tags you won’t see any suggestions in the dropdown box.

To add a tag just type the name of the tag into the field and select the option from the green text box.

When you have finished adding your tags click Create. Your new sales order now has tags!

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