Create a Custom Ledger Account for Xero

Go to Apps> Xero> Ledger Accounts. Click on “Add a Custom Ledger Account”.


Map your newly created ledger account to your Xero accounts.


Set up Default Sales Account by Relationships/Variant/Sales Channel 

To do so you have to go to your Account Settings> Configuration> Set up defaults and you will see the following: 


If you do not see the option "Default Sales Account On" in your Account Settings, it might be because your accounting integration has not been set up accurately. 

There are 3 options you can select from - Company (Relationships), Variant and Sales channel. 


Select the option you wish to use as default. For example, if you want Invoices from all your Relationships to go to Accounts Receivable, select Company in your Configuration> Set up Defaults. 

However, if you wish to have Invoices created by a particular customer to filtered, you will have to first create a custom ledger account as described above e.g. VIP Customers, then go to the specific Relationship to change the Relationships settings> Default sales account. 

Similarly, you can do so for Company, Variant and Sales Channel by going to the default settings for the Relationship or default sales account by variants to specify that Invoices will be pushed to this custom ledger account. 

Can I have different defaults in my account settings and my individual relationships/variants so that I can filter the sales invoices further?

No, it will not work. Do note that for this to work, you have to ensure that your "Default Sales Account On" in Settings> Configuration> Set up Defaults has to be the same as what you are selecting in the individual Relationship or Variant or Sales Channel. For example, if your Account Settings, "Default Sales Account On" is selected as Company, you will only be able to specify Relationships to push to your custom ledgers. 

Conversely, if your Account Settings is set to "Default Sales Account On" for Variant, going to a particular Relationship and setting the default sales account for the relationship will not have any effect on Invoices created by the Relationship. This is because the Account Settings override the individual default settings in Relationships or Variant or Sales Channel. 

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