B2B eCommerce Portal - Setup Guide


You can access and set up your B2B eCommerce Portal through the main app manager on TradeGecko. Click on the B2B eCommerce and you will be taken to the B2B eCommerce Dashboard:


Go to Settings from the sidebar:


From here you will be able to view your Store URL as well as follow the link to Visit your B2B store (top right hand corner). 

There are some settings you can select here: 

  1. Set Stock Location Fallback
  2. Select if you wish to show complete order history from all sales channels
  3. Set the default status for orders created by your customers
  4. Select if you Require SKU Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on B2B Sales Orders
  5. Select if you want customers to receive order confirmation emails
  6. Set your Tax Treatment
  7. Set Price List Fallback 
  8. Select if you wish to implement Fixed Cost Shipping (You can follow the instructions to do so here.)
Your store URL is dependant on the account name of your TradeGecko account; you can use your custom domain by following the instructions here. The email address displayed in your store is linked to the email address in your TradeGecko account under Company Details. You can change your email via that section.

Once you have sent an invitation to one of your Business consumers, they will receive an invitation to your B2B eCommerce Portal that looks like this:

Once your customers click the link, they will be directed to set up a password for their account. They will then be able to log into your store. 

Here we have an example of what TradeGecko’s store looks like.


Your customer will see your company name and your store name.

If your customer requires multiple logins they can switch between companies via the list in the dropdown box underneath the company name.

This only switches the user between companies NOT between TradeGecko accounts.

They can filter through your Product catalog by categories and by brands. 

Alternatively they can type the name or any subset of the name of a product into the search bar and find the product immediately.

You can also add filter by tag option, for your invited customers to search your products easily. You can follow the instructions to enable this function here

Make a New Order

Find the product you are looking for and click on Order Now. The variants within the product will appear.

They can select the number of products they require and and add it to their cart. If a product is out of stock they will not be able to select the product.


Products placed in the cart will only remain so for that contact and for the duration of that session. A different contact from the same company, who is logged in at the same time, will not see the products in the cart.
Furthermore, if a contact is logged onto the store on two different browsers simultaneously the products placed in the cart on one browser will not show up in the other.

The three items are now on order.

If they scroll up to the top of the page they can click the link to confirm their order.

Once they have checked through their order, just press Confirm Order.

They can then add in their Shipping and Billing addresses as well as their preferred delivery window.

They will then receive an order confirmation email!

If your customer is a frequent visitor to your store and needs to order the same quantity of products from before, a simpler way for him to do so would be to use the Order History Tab.

Here the customer can view a list of Orders placed by him in the past as well as re-order products by simply clicking on the Re-Order button.

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