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  • Assign Sale invoices to ledgers based on Sales Channels
  • Send invoices as a daily batch

Assign Sale Invoices to ledgers based on Sales Channels

If you have multiple Sales Channels, you can assign your Invoices from each Sales Channel to different ledgers in Xero. For example, If you have sell on Shopify and B2B eCommerce, you can assign the Shopify Invoices to one sales ledger and B2B eCommerce to another sales ledger. 

You can achieve this in 2 steps:

1. Set your 


2. Assign Sales Invoices to different Sales Ledgers based on Sales Channel


Send Invoices as a daily batch

If you have a high volume of Sales Invoices syncing to Xero, to avoid any complications with hitting Xero limitations, you can set your Invoices to sync as a daily batch instead of on a single basis. With this option set, instead of sending invoices instantly when an order is paid, TradeGecko will collate the invoices for the entire day and sync them to Xero as a batch.
You can select the time when the Invoice batch will sync over to Xero. Your invoices will be collated according to tax type. Each type will appear in Xero invoice as a single line item. For example if all your invoices from a sales channel had two tax types applied, the invoice in Xero would be grouped by each of those tax types.

To enable this feature, from your Xero App Sales Channels tab settings, select Yes for Enable Batching:


Once enabled, you will see the Daily Batch Option within each Sales Channel under Sales Channel Specific Settings:


With Invoice Batching enabled, by default, Payment sync will be disabled. Payments will have to be marked as Paid manually in TradeGecko and Xero. However, if you would like the Payments to sync automatically, the option of having the Payments batch synced is available. With this option, similar to Batched Invoice sync, TradeGecko will sync all the payments as a batch on a daily basis based on your selected Sync timing. Please note this will be a one-way sync from TradeGecko to Xero. To enable this feature, select Yes for Daily Batch Payment under Sales Channel Specific Settings:





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