B2B Access Management - How to invite and revoke access for contact(s)

The B2B Commerce Portal is available on the Small Business Plan and above (on new pricing plans).

Here are the ways you can manage your B2B customers' access to your B2B store:

1. Invite and Bulk Invite customers to your B2B eCommerce Store.
2. Revoke Access for an invited contact
3. Bulk action to revoke access for contacts

From B2B eCommerce> go to Customers. Here, you can click 'Invite' to invite your B2B customers directly. 


There are five filters (All, Unauthorized, Invited, Authorized, Revoked) at the top of the page as well as a search bar which allows you to search existing information from your customers company, contact name or email.

You can add and remove columns displaying various customer descriptions via the toggle on the right. You can also reset columns, doing so will display the Full Name, Company Name, Company Code, Email Address, Position and Status of each buyer.


Invite customer & Bulk invite customers

B2B eCommerce> Customers page allows you to invite customers in bulk too. Simply check the buyers you wish you invite and click on the Bulk Invite button.

For customers who have accepted your invitation and are now Authorized, you can click on the drop down to reset password, revoke access or edit the contact.

Revoke a contact’s access to B2B portal 

Revoking a customer’s access is easy. You can do so directly from the B2B ECommerce> Customers page using the toggle as shown above, or go to the Relationships in your app and the select the Company that the contact belongs to.

Next, click on the contact. A popup such as the following should appear:

Click on the option to “Revoke Access” and click on “Save”.

This contact will no longer be able to visit your private B2B ECommerce Portal. 

Bulk action to revoke access 

To remove access to your B2B ECommerce Store for multiple contacts at once, you go to the Relationships section of your TradeGecko account.

Select the contacts you wish to remove access from and then click on the Bulk Actions button.

From the dropdown selection choose “Disable B2B ECommerce Access”.

Those contacts will no longer have access to your store.

If you wish to reinstate their access at a later date, simply repeat the process above and select "Enable B2B ECommerce Access" instead.

These contacts can be seen in B2B ECommerce> Customers under the status “Revoked”

Finally, clicking on the contact will immediately direct you to the edit contact page where you can see detailed information regarding the contact.

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