Bulk actions for Sales Orders


With bulk actions for sales orders you can perform Invoice, Pack and Ship multiple orders in one go. 

Here’s how:

When you create a Sales Order, fill in the field for Contact and/or email address.

Go to the Sales Order section:

Select the Orders that you wish to Finalize and click on Bulk Actions. You can also select all the orders, orders that are not ready to be finalized will automatically be excluded.

Select “Finalize”:


In keeping with the life-cycle of a Sales Order, you must have finalized the Sales Order before you can invoice, pack or ship your orders.

The following popup will appear prompting you to confirm that you wish to finalize the selected Orders. Click “Proceed”:

The Order status will be updated to Finalized in bulk.

To invoice orders in bulk, select “Invoice” from the “Bulk Action” dropdown. The following popup should appear:

Once again, orders that are not ready to be invoiced will be immediately excluded from the list and you will be notified in the pop-up box.

Click on Proceed to create the invoices. Order statuses will immediately be updated to finalized.

An email of the Invoices PDF will automatically be sent to the contact or email address listed in the Sales Order. If you do not want the email to be sent, uncheck the “Email new invoice to order recipient” box.

Your customer will be able to make payments directly from the invoice using TradeGecko Payments.

You can also choose to download the PDFs for your invoices either individually or in bulk and and print them.

Before you can pack your items, you must first ensure that they are finalized. If your orders are not ready to be packed and you attempt to pack them in bulk, the following popup will appear.

Click Cancel, and return to your Sales Orders. Ensure that your orders are finalized. Select all your Sales Orders once again and click on pack. The following popup will appear;

Although this popup says Create Shipments, what it does is pack your items, which then will make them ready to be shipped. Once you have packed your items, you can ship them.

You will be able to download your shipments as PDFs but you will not be able to email your packed shipments.

You will also be able to go directly to each shipment by clicking on the Shipment link.

To ship orders in bulk, select “Ship” from the “Bulk Action” dropdown. The following popup should appear:

You can choose to send an email to each recipient if you require. Click on ‘Proceed’.

Your shipments have now been created and you can once again download the PDFs or view and print your shipments.

Learn how to use filters for your sales orders here. 

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