Lokad- Integration Setup Guide

Highly advanced demand forecasting technology is now at your fingertips. Lokad provides you with comprehensive reports to optimize your inventory management by answering two crucial questions, “When to reorder?” and “How much to reorder?”

To connect Lokad to TradeGecko:

Go to the App Manager on your TradeGecko account and click on the icon for Lokad.

A popup box will appear prompting you to install the app. Click the box to begin installation.

You will be redirected to Lokad’s log in page. If you have an existing Lokad account you may login. If not click on the link to sign up for an account.

Once you are logged-in you will be asked to connect to TradeGecko by pasting your TradeGecko authorisation link into the text box. You may retrieve this code by following the link on the page.

When you click on the link to retrieve your authorisation code you will be directed to a window asking you to authorise Lokad to access the data from your TradeGecko account. Click ‘Authorise’.

An Authorisation Code will then be generated.

Copy and paste the authorisation code into the text box on the Lokad page from before. Click ‘Connect Lokad to TradeGecko’.

Done! Your TradeGecko account is now integrated with Lokad. You can now start to compute your forecasts!

We are just as excited for your business to grow bigger with better tools we built in TradeGecko and our integrations.

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