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Speed up your process of creating Purchase Orders on TradeGecko. Say goodbye to the days of manually extracting and entering information from countless convoluted spreadsheets! With the Purchase Order function, all of your vendor information will be at your fingertips.

Click the Stock Control tab located on your main app manager.

On the top right side of the Stock Control page click on Create New and choose New Purchase Order.


A New Purchase Order popup box will appear. The Purchase Order Number will automatically be generated. You can edit the Purchase Order number (#PO-****) if you need.


Select the supplier from the Select Supplier dropdown box. If your chosen supplier is not on the list, you can add on via the create a new supplier link.

Select the address for Bill To and Ship To via the respective dropdown boxes.

Fill in the appropriate details in the following fields.

These are some guidelines for what you need to fill:
  • Stock Due- When you want to have the stock delivered
  • Payment Due - When you pay your Supplier. This information will sync to your accounting software (XERO/QuickBooks) as Due Date in the Purchase Order bill.
  • Reference- Any additional reference number you use or want to add
  • Contact Email
  • Totals can either be Tax Inclusive or Exclusive.

Start adding products by either typing in the Variant name or the SKU. Choose the Variant from the dropdown list.

Enter the quantity you wish to order.  The changes in stock levels will be reflected in the ‘After’ column, however this will not yet be added to the actual stock levels. The total cost will be computed from the quantity ordered and the cost price, when a Variant is added to the Purchase Order.

Enter any additional notes in the box marked Message to Supplier, ie. where and when the shipment is needed, who the contact person will be, payment terms, etc.

Clicking on Create will move the Purchase Order status to 'Active' and create the Purchase Order.

If you wish to revisit or revise the Purchase Order you can opt to Save As Draft. The Purchase Order will be placed in 'Draft'. Learn more about the Lifecycle of a Purchase Order.

For batch tracked products, check out this article for more details. 

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