The TradeGecko Community

TradeGecko’s Community gives you access to a dynamic network of commerce entrepreneurs, TradeGecko partners and employees as well as industry leaders and experts. Ask questions, share experiences and discuss ideas and get advice on anything pertaining to the world of commerce.

The community also provides you with a support network if you’re facing issues with your TradeGecko account. Other users may have come up against the same issue before and could provide you with the answer.

This Article Covers

First time logging in: TradeGecko users

To log in to Tradegecko’s Community for the first time, first ensure you are logged in to your TradeGecko account on a tab in your Browser.

In another tab on the same browser, go to Click on the Log In button at the top right hand corner of the page.

You will be signed in automatically, using your TradeGecko account credentials. Get started by reading the welcome page.

You will also receive a welcome email, with some useful tips on how to get started.

Logging in: Non TradeGecko users

If you are a non TradeGecko user, you can browse the community, however you will be restricted from joining the conversation. To ask a question or leave a reply you will need to create a trial account with us.

First, go to and click the button to Log In.

Click on the link to “Create an Account”.

Allow TradeGecko to view your email address and view your basic profile info.

Enter your details and click on Create Account.

Fill in some basic company details and then click on “Done, Get Started”.

You will be directed to your shiny new TradeGecko trial account. You will now need to head to once again.

Click on Log In (For the last time, we promise!)

And you’re in! Read our welcome page to get going or keep reading to find out how to set up your User Profile.

You will also receive a Welcome email from us with some handy tips that’ll have you contributing to the conversation in no time.

Setting up your User Profile

Once you’ve successfully become a user on the community, you should customize your User profile to suit your needs or even to reflect your business's branding.

To go to your User Profile. Click on the Profile icon at the top right hand corner of the page and then click on the settings button.

You will be directed to the User profile page.

Fill in your @name so that people can refer to you in topics, set you profile pic, background picture and your card background picture.

Next, describe yourself and/or your business in a few lines. You could talk about anything; your business goals, your current pursuits or even what types cookies you most prefer. We want to know all about you:)

You can also set your location, insert a website url and set up your notification preferences.

Finally you can also set up topics, users and tags that you would like to Track, Watch or Mute.

Once you have edited all the fields to your liking, click save and your user profile is ready to go.

Now you can carry on to create your first topic!

Create a Topic

Creating a topic on the community is super simple. When you log into the community you will see a list of all the categories and subcategories  of topics available to you. Select a category that interests you.

In this case lets choose the General subcategory within TradeGecko Discussions.

Click on the + New Topic Button to create a new topic. Add a title and describe the question in greater detail in the body.

When someone has an answer for you will receive a notification on the community.

Click on the notification to read the response.

You will also receive an email notification of the reply, so you never miss a response!

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