Create a New Product


Go to the Inventory section of your app.  Click on ‘New Product’.


You will be directed to the Product Details page.

There are three sections on this page:

  1. Product Details
  2. Multiple Variants
  3. Pack Sizes

Product Details

Under Product Details you can fill in 6 fields:

  Column Name



Product Name

Name of the product.

Eg: Almost famous tee.

Product Type

What kind of product is this.

Eg:T-shirt, mug etc.

Product Description

What makes it special.

Eg: Athletes have won more championships and medals with the Sneaky A Frame more than with any other single sport product on earth.


Who is your wholesaler?

Eg:Ts4U Clothing Wholesaler.


Brand of the product if applicable

Eg: Nike, Grohe


Tags you wish to associate with this product

Eg: Sports, Cutlery, Gift

Multiple Variants

Under Product Variants you can fill in up to 6 fields:

  Column Name



Initial Stock Level

Amount of stock you currently have.

Insert numerical value.

Eg: 5

Initial Cost Price (ICP) per unit

ICP and stock go hand in hand, most important in whole spreadsheet. ICP is based on the stock you currently have.What you put here as your ICP is what your MAC will be at this point.

ICP cannot be changed after this point.

Insert the price without the $ sign.


Each SKU must be unique.

Eg: DCP021-XL

Buy Price

This is determined by your base currency and price list.

Insert the price without the $ sign.

Wholesale Price

This is determined by your base currency and price list.

Insert the price without the $ sign.

Retail Price

This is determined by your base currency and price list.

Insert the price without the $ sign.

Multiple Variants

If you have multiple variants for the product, check the option ‘This product has multiple variants’.

You can now choose up to three different variant options. Variant options refers to the way in which you would like to further categorize your products. For example, for the first option you can choose to sort your variants by size. For the second option you can choose to sort them colour. Or, you could choose to sort them by fabric type/material.

For each variant option you will need to fill in option values. An option value refers to the different properties each option might have. For example, if a variant option is size, the option values could be Small, Medium and Large. 

As you create the tags for each variant option, you will see the variant details being listed in the table below the fields. A SKU will automatically be created here based on the the option values.

Once you are done creating your variants, you can remove any extra variations in the Variant Details table. All possible combinations will be created by default. Uncheck any variants that you don't want.

You can also edit the details on the table. Click on the cell to edit it and enter the new value.

Pack sizes

If you product require pack sizes check the box to add you pack size variants, label and the quantity.


Once you have completed all the fields on the page, continue to view you summary and create your product.


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