Run a Sales History Report

The Sales History Report gives you a rundown of every sales order that you have ever created.

To view the Sales History Report, click on "Legacy Sales Reports" tab in the Intelligence section. You will see the option to generate a Sales History Report. Click on it. 

At the top of the report page, you will immediately see eight fields that will help you search for the reports you're looking for;

  1. From & To - Defines the time period of the search.
  2. Customer Name - Provides a drop down list of customers that you can filter by.
  3. Orders with Product Name - Filters the search by the name of the product.
  4. Orders with Variant Name - Filters the search by the name of the variable.
  5. Status - Select the status from the dropdown box. These statuses fall within the Order, Payment and Fulfilled categories.
  6. Assignee - Select from one of your assignees.
  7. Sales Channel - Provides a list of the Sales Channels you have integrated with Tradegecko.
If you have partially fulfilled orders or payments, they will be marked as fulfilled in this report.

After setting your criteria, click the "Update Report" button to create a report based on your filters.

You should then see a detailed table of past sales reports which included the customer who placed the order, the invoice/order number, the status of the order, the date of the order, its volume, costs and profit values.

You will able to save it as a .pdf, .csv or to your Google drive.

TradeGecko Intelligence Reports generate data based on the sale of individual variants. At this time, for the sale of Pack Size Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with individual units, only the top level pack size variant itself. Likewise, for the sale of Composite Variants, reports do not reflect the stock movements associated with component variants, only the top level composite variant.
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