Run an Inventory Stock on Hand Report

The inventory stock on hand report gives you a detailed overview of your inventory. It provides you with a list of all the products and variants that you currently have in stock, as well as a list of items that are out of stock.

To use the Inventory Stock on Hand Report:

Go to the Intelligence section of your account via the main app manager and scroll down, to where all the common reports are generated. Click on the Inventory Reports> Inventory Stock on Hand tab.

You will be re-directed to your Stock on Hand report page. It should look like this:

To narrow down what is shown in the analytics and the inventory list, you can key in details in the following search fields:

After entering your criteria in the fields, click on "Update Report" to generate a report with the selected filters.

The updated list should show the specific items in your inventory that you were searching for.

You can now export the data into a .pdf or .csv format or save it to Google drive.

Can't find a particular product?
When you disable 'Manage Stock', TradeGecko will also stop tracking sales as MAC is no longer managed for this product. This will have an impact on your sales reports. Do consider clearly if you wish to 'Manage Stock' to hide stock levels or to stop tracking stock and sales. If you wish to hide stock levels on your sales channels, we suggest you try to do so on your sales channels directly.

For more information on how to edit variant details, click here

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